Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Malacca, Here We Are..

Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah, for we finally reached Malacca after a long trip of more than 12 hours from Kelantan, people. It wasn't supposed to be that long, but since the driver mistakenly missed a junction, we actually had the opportunity to explore other states. Heeee.

From Kelantan, we entered Terengganu to Jabor of Pahang. After we reached Gambang, Pahang, the driver brought us to the other highway, which led us to Segamat, Johor!! And, because of that we had to travel, up to Gemas, and only then, here we are, Malacca.

We stayed in a 3-star hotel, located in the heart of the city. Since the conference will only begin by the day after tomorrow, so we're going to Ayer Hitam first in the morning, tomorrow. Heee. Shopping spree, my mom said.

But I was planning the opposite. I am most probably going to malls, where I can get to watch more than enough movies. It's been a while since I last watched movies in cinemas.

Okay, till then. Any movies to suggest, buddies??


jfook said...

I love Malacca!!

nourelain badaruddin said...

waaahh cuti2 malaysia lah ni ye!! :)

Lovely Bella said...

erk 12 jam.. dah kematu bontot nih.. adehhh

shey said...

melacca best !! :DD

fikah © said...

i do. i do, too.
but hanging around alone is no fun.

fikah © said...

nourelain badaruddin;
iye cik pah!!
shopping sikit.

fikah © said...

Lovely Bella;
takde la sangat.
sebab kitorang banyak berenti.
bas sndiri la katakan.

fikah © said...