Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Morning!!

It's 5 in the morning, yet I just couldn't fall asleep. Thinking much?? Yup, maybe. Have been blogwalking to some blogs, owned by my collegemates [uhh, not classmates, roomates, coursemates]. My fellow collegemates. I don't know them, but it's fun to read their stories. Well, it's a good practice on seeing lives through different perspectives and views, haa???

Now, what about me?? I had my so-called supper at 1 a.m., with rice [homaigosh, what if I woke up bloating, first thing in the morning later, which I'm not worried at all] and fried eggs with sauce. I actually forced my body to eat, for at least I had some strengths to do things. Lots of things. Like now, it requires energy, people. Heee.

I'm not sure whether I can sleep or not after finishing this entry. Anyhow, gotta be ready, because by this time, my Opah would wake up already, and me, being a good actor [and granddaughter], got to act like I'm sleeping. Hee. Opah, don't be mad haa, me loves you so much okay??

I bet you guys are still sleeping soundly right now. See you later!!


milimilo said...

cuti2 xpyh tido awal pn xpe. =D

crystalchess said...

hehe..rasanya kalu kat sabah,ore tido dop kul 5 lebih??hihi

jfook said...

Yes I was sleeping soundly at 5 am.

NiZaM Limited said...

wahh..forced to eat in the middle of night. surely will get fat after this. kehkeh..

active at night, sleep on daytime. means that you're in nocturnal species. google it..


fikah said...

tapi dekat2 nak masuk main campus ni, kena blaja la tdo awal sikit.
kalo tak kang, susah lak nak bangun.

fikah said...

eh, dop..dop..
kul 5 tu mesti waktu subuh doh kn??

fikah said...

good for you la.
i couldnt let myself sleep, until it's 6,7 in the morning just now.
too bad.

fikah said...

NiZaM Limited;
some kinda nocturnal, that's what i am.
kadang2, tidor lewat,senang nak bangun subuh tau.

Lovely Bella said...

namo mkn tgh2 mlm nih.. eh pagi2 bute nih.. adehh.. nanti peyut buncit.. hehe btul ke fakta tuh.. :)

fikah © said...

Lovely Bella;
fakta atau auta??!!
ala2 hotfm gitu.
ntahla akak.
nak kena makan jugak sikit2.
wlopun dah lewat.