Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jawab Tag

1. do you think you are hot?
ouh. biase2 saje. hot ke F ni?? kalau cuaca, suam2 kuku, adalah. alhamdulillah. kepanasan dah berkurang lately. normal temperature, ranged 36 - 38 degree Celcius during the day, dah jadi 30 - 31.

2. upload the favorite picture of you.
ingat tak my lappy kena format, dan abang tu dengan 'baik hatinya' dah format sekali dengan my pics folders. dah la gila banyak gambar2 aku. trimas ya, abang technician.

3. why do you like that picture?
i would skip this.

4. when the last time you ate pizza?
a month ago. thai seafood pizza.

5. the last song you listened to?
picture of you - dongbangshinki.
the lyrics, too meaningful.

6. what are you doing now beside this?
main2 dengan MOY. yup. a new bf of mine.

7. what name you prefer beside yours?
entahlah, i got too many nicknames. ouh. gila perasan aii ni.

3 peoples to tag:

8. who is number 1?
a good friend of mine.

9. number 2 is having relation with?
kelantaneses pronounce his name,

10. say something about number 3. 
she's talented in photography.       

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