Saturday, February 6, 2010

U-Kiss is Super-Kissed!!

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Got a chance to watch U-Kiss' performance of their new hit song, Bingeul Bingeul in Music Bank yesterday. Ow-ho!! It was FANTASTIC!! But, like I mentioned in my previous entry regarding their new song, it's influenced by Man Man Ha Ni. Anyhow, the dance was superbly HOT. It really made me wanting to dance round and round like them. This song is from their Only One full-lengthy album.


Speaking on the song, I read some comments at YouTube that their new members unfortunately didn't get any lines. I, myself, was a little bit disappointed but I thought it is normal for a new group, with many members to get one or two lines, or none at all. Even Nickhun of 2PM started with few lines, still the group reached stardom, and later on, did Nickhun get more lines. No worries, fans. I believe they will have theirs sooner or later.

Too bad for me, that I only know DongHo [who also gets 1 to 2 lines only] and SS501 Hyung Joon's lil bro, who I don't know his name yet namely Kim KiBum. Only recongnized from the resemblance that he had from his big brother, since he had the same hairstyle as Hyung Joon [or known as Baby] had in the U R Man music video and performances. And  the rapper [who I don't know his name, too] resembles Taecyeon a little bit. Maybe I am exaggerating. But you may compare by yourself by watching the video above.

And I read about the here in Wikipedia.

You may download their songs here. [Please support them by buying their album. It's OUT since 3rd of February 2010]. It's 100++ MB, y'all!!

Watch the MVs!!

Version 1

Version 2

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