Thursday, February 4, 2010


[1] This week's kind of realxing a bit, since my Physics' lecturer is somewhere in a conference through the whole week. Therefore, my classes for Tuesday until Thursday are only two hours per day, except for Monday [no classes at all] and Friday [gonna be 3 hours].

[2] Still, got 2 quizzes, all on Friday; Chemistry 3 in the morning, and Physics 2 in the evening. The last quizzes for the semester.

[3] EAP is supposed to have 3 credit hours, but, there were some of my friends said it's 0 since it's stated in the CRS [course registration slip]. And I don't know I should rejoice or not over the 0 thingy.

[4] The EAP term paper marks should be out by this Friday. I am freaking nervous because I didn't think I put too much effort on it and it's the product of my last-minute work. No kudos for me, I guess.

[5] My friends stressed to me that I could stay in Pharmacy course in the main campus.

[6] Abah's going to pick me up by the end of this semester, alone [he didn't want to bring my mama as Adik's going to have some kind of term exams]. It has been planned before, and I'm glad that he's actually coming by 22nd, and we're only going back by 24th, which means I have extra days to be here in PJ before I actually have to leave my heart here. Ow-ho~~

[7] Abang Yie got the offer to work with the Finance Ministry, and the interview would be held soon. I wish all the very best to him. Oh, he's somewhat a software engineer, if I were not mistaken.

[8] In less than 24 hours, I had downloaded AVIRA antivirus from the FileHippo, two times already, but both failed. Haisyh~~

[9] I couldn't wait to download U-Kiss' Only One full album this evening, only to find out that iHoneyJoo had yet to publish the download link. However, when I connected to the Internet at midnight just now, it was there, but the size's kinda large, exceeding 100MB. Therefore, I have to postpone that until I get home, where the Internet connection is better and more stable.

[10] I think, spyware or malware has been attacking since this morning. With no antivirus, I believe, more troubles await me in the upcoming weeks.

[11] I, coincidentally, found a Facebook profile page of Min's lookalike. He's a Malay guy, and at a glance, I could say he did resemble Min. But of course, Min is waay good-looking. [Hey, why am I talking about him again here?? Oh, it's called the over-obsession of a fangirl]

[12] The sound of heavy raindrops this evening, was somehow calming and soothing my heart, mind and soul. I miss running around, in the rain. I wish to stand in the rain, open my arms widely with my face is facing upwards, feeling every drop of the rain. Ahh~~

[13] Wawa unnie got herself the 1:59PM album of 2PM months ago, and it's already reached her hands. I'm seriously dying of envy and jealousy at her. Oh, unnie~~

[14] I am now craving for Auntie Anne's pretzels and Sisters' Crispy Popiah. Oh, and Oreo McFlurry, too!!

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