Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to download and install fonts into your computer?

I bet most of you, especially those who get along well with graphics, know this. Still, I'm going to share some ways of downloading and installing fonts into your computer. Well, for a beginner like me, it might help a little bit.

[1] Visit the website. I'm currently using the fonts from

[2] You may check out the "How do I install the downloaded fonts on my computer" at the FAQ section, but I don't find it much helpful.

[3] Choose any font you are fond of, from the right sidebars. which are already categorised. Click "Win True Type".

[4] A pop-up window will appear. You may choose Open With WinRAR. Click "Ok".

[5] The font will be downloaded into your computer. Then, the WinRAR pop-up will show up. Choose the one with "True Type File" only. Click the icon "Extract to".

[6] Choose any file that you want the font to be located temporarily. I choose it to be at D: .

[7] Open the "Control Panel". Click at the "Fonts".

[8] A new window will appear with lots of fonts that are already in the system. Right-click, and click at "Install new fonts".

[9] Another pop-up will be on your screen. Find the file that contains your downloaded font and click.

[10] Click "Install". My system requires the admin to approve this process to continue. If the admin thingy appears, just click "Continue". Then, it's DONE!!

The font will be automatically inserted into Microsoft Words, Photoscape and Adobe Photoshop. Do enjoy playing with your new, funky fonts!! Hope this helps!!


zuk zuhaiza said...

thanx 4 the info

f is fikah said...

zuk zuhaiza:
u're most welcome dear.