Sunday, January 17, 2010

Typical Malaysians' Breakfast

Alhamdulillah, I recovered from my mild bout when I got up this morning. I woke up 15 mins before 6, because of the sudden choking feel, right in my throat. My throat did hurt, and I had difficulty to breathe. Thank Allah, it lasted merely for seconds. While waiting for the Subuh adhan, I felt asleep again. Woke up again after an hour later, I guessed to perform Subuh prayer. Thought of sleeping back, but my eyes were all wide opened.

Oh, I got myself a mouthful breakfast this morning. Yeay for someone who rarely took her breakfast, with the excuse of rushing to classes.  My breakfast was the typical ones. Roti canau and teh tarik [I lied, it's just a combination of instant tea beverages, where I mixed both Caramel and Vanilla Teacino, yummylicious, y'all!!].

Pity the 2 pakcik, who are in-charge of the stall. They kept waiting and waiting for us girls to get their roti canai. Normally, during weekdays, the roti canai would be sold out at a fast rate during the peak hours, 10am and above. But, the sale would be a little bit slower during weekends, well, most of us are still the sleeping beauties in the morning.

The roti canai stall has been opened since last few days. Well, after the last one, back in my first semester of first year. I've always been craving for one every morning. Yes, we do have it in other mahallah [like UKC] and cafe [E cafe, which is always crowded with guys], but to have one, here in ZC, it's a blessing.

Ah, I'm totally full.

Geographia describes roti canai as:

Roti Canai: The all-time breakfast favorite of Malaysians. Made from wheat-flour dough, roti canai sometimes incorporates beaten egg and diced onions for a crispier pancake.

So, Malaysians, what is your favourite, must-have breakfast in the morning??

Nasi Lemak

Fried rice


Kaya toast and hot black coffee [kopi o]

Credit : GoogleImages
[the pics from nasi lemak to kaya toast]

What else?? Tell me and share your views here. Gotta go for now.

FImin says:
There's one shop back in hometown, Kelantan, called White House. It serves the best kaya toast ever. I like it best with half-boiled eggs. Yummy, yummy. I believe most Kelantaneses are very familiar with this place. It's one of the must-go places if you happen to be in Kelantan. Located right next to the famous 'pintu gerbang' of Kelantan, at the heart of Kota Bharu.


fiD said...

semua betol,,,,tp A&W bukan kan? heee

f is fikah said...

fiD bekpes ngan a&w ka??
sebenanye, depends on selera masing2 la kan??
besenye perut F taklah trime sangat fastfood pagi2 ni..hehe
perut melayu la katekan..
tapi penah bekpes kat mcD..
not bad la..