Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scary Facts of Paracetamol

Believe it or not, the excess of paracetamol [pcm, or most of us know it as panadol] would last in our liver for 5 years. 

That's what I heard from a friend's presentation during my English level 6, months ago. While I was searching for more infos regarding this drug, I found this:

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And BUPA of UK clarifies the side effects of PCM as :


When taken at the recommended dose, side-effects of paracetamol are rare. Skin rashes, blood disorders and a swollen pancreas have occasionally happened in people taking the drug on a regular basis for a long time.
One advantage of paracetamol over aspirin and similar drugs (eg ibuprofen and diclofenac) is that it won't upset your stomach or cause it to bleed.
A paracetamol overdose is particularly dangerous because the liver damage may not be obvious for four to six days after the drug has been taken. Even if someone who has taken a paracetamol overdose seems fine and doesn't have any symptoms, it's essential that they are taken to hospital urgently. An overdose of paracetamol can be fatal.

I used to have a high dependency on PCM since my high school. Anyhow, I won't call it addiction, because I was seriously not addicted at all. It's just that, I had this perception in mind, 'When I'm sick, I need to take that'. Even for a light headache during that time. But lately, I tried my best to avoid taking any medication, despite having fever or whatsoever other pains. That way, I'd teach my body to get immuned naturally. This might sound unbelievable, but it's true. First time revealing to public, I used to take more than recommended amount of PCM. Yes, I had fever, and I was under stress, that's why I continuously took them. Consequently, I had serious stomach pain and felt some kind of 'high' feeling. Seriously speaking, I now regret that, at the same time, thinking how on earth could I get rid of the excess from my liver.

Right now, I believe the best medication is your great power of mind. Keep the phrase 'I'm not sick' or 'I'll be better after a while or after I have enough rest', and believe that Allah would cure you, in mind. I tried, and had enough rest, too, Alhamdulillah, I'm fit enough to post lots of entries and do some editings here and there, by this morning.

That's the end of my entry for the time being.

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FImin says:
I can hardly say I regret this and that, but this one, I totally regret. May Allah have mercy on me. Amiin.


jaja said...

i know bout this thing coz my mom org hosp.. sbb tu paracetamol ni bole mkn time d perlukan jek..
and my uncle, dh kne side effect nye coz dolu mse die mude2 sgt suke mkn dis ubt even just pening kpale ckt jek.. huhu
harap dpt diambil sbg iktibar

PinQib said...

my dad is a homeopath , a doc,
so we the whole family have,been avoiding like years from taking panadol.

f is fikah said...

sangat2 setuju..
sebab tu penting kite ingatkan orang yang masih belum tahu pasal ni..
scary kan??

f is fikah said...

a homeopath??
lucky u..
senang kalau dah tahu awal2..
glad 2 hear dat from u..

Abesa007 said...

i thought paracetemol is a type of white chocolate huahuahaua

Muhammad Faiz said...

my bro sent me this..'t-take-panadol-warning.html