Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Blues

I'm not yet sleeping, I'll sleep, maybe after finishing some readings. Yeah, I'm reading currently. Because I'll have a practical Chemistry lab exam at 9 and a Physics lab quiz by 11. Then, gonna rush for EAP full term paper submission y'all. Why rush?? Well, there are one or two things have yet to be settled, and that, needs someone's help. 

Sleeping late has become a habit lately. Ah, once I have my Internet connection on, and some books, well, I just can't sleep, even my attention, as you know, is more on my lappy. And I guess that's the reason why I still stick on page 2 since 15 mins ago. Bad girl. [and the BEAST's Bad Girl is being hummed somewhere in my head].

Well, will catch you up later, in the evening, the latest, maybe. I'll have some quick readings, and sleep. 


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