Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm lame, so sue me. LOL. I'm not sure whether the content of this entry would suit the title or not. But who cares, I still want to post.

1. English essays.

I missed [and still missing] my old days where I wrote essays, right from my heart. I could just pour everything onto the paper through the ink. The days, where I wrote some kinds of love stories, with cliche plots or whatsoever in guiltless. I wondered why did people loved my essays so much, why not the others who wrote with bombastic vocabs and all that, they said, because I touched / moved their hearts. It sounded so unbelievable because when I reread those, it was damn cliche. Aiyaah~~. Still, those days were the best.

2. 20 is a number.

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah the Almighty, I was officially 20 on 28th. LOL. People started to call me 'tua' because of the number. I didn't feel any different from before, I'm still the same person that you might bump into, at classes, at malls or somewhere around CFS. 

3. Appreciation.

I start this with gazillions of thanks for every effort that people had been putting up to make my 20th birthday, the most remarkable and memorable. All I could give you, saying thanks and all that. And I'm afraid that wouldn't be enough to all of you. Poor my roomie, while struggling to make a post of my birthday and right publishing it by 12 on the midnight, had encountered LOTS of problems. She edited some pics of mine, with Min and all that, plus with multiple times of her lappy being shut down itself. And not forgetting Qila, did the same thing; different was that she published the pic on FB. Thanks girls!! I owe you girls so much. Dear bloggers that wished my very best for my 20, thanks to you all, too. Wishing that we could stay friends, even though it's through a virtual world.


3. Min and I.

I wondered if you noticed, lately there was no more FImin says [berkata in Malay] anymore. Min's pic also had been taking out from my side bar due to an unexpected event happened on the day before my birthday surprise party. I found out he's smoking, and that, sounded so unreasonable to stop liking and admiring him anymore. Anyhow, how famous he is, still, I could never continue liking this guy for the time being. Maybe, not until he stops. That's it. What's the fuss, some may ask. Min is the least expected singer to be known with smoking thing. It's just not him. Stress?? I would have died of severe lung cancer if I smoke every time I'm stressful. Mianhe, oppa. That's it, for now, at least. Smoking reminded me of bad memories; with my dad's encountering cancer and some rude juniors, blowing the smoke right on my and a friend's faces. That's so unforgivable. I know, some friends of mine do smoking, too, it's just I don't see it right in front of me yet. One word from me, STOP!! 

4. Final exams.

Exams are coming shortly, right on 10th of February, with EAP in the morning, followed by Chemistry 3 in the evening. So, I would most probably be away from the blogosphere for a while [if and only if I could get my hands off the lappy] during the period [until 22th of February].

That's all for now. I'm stucked. And, oh, I got to get ready for ZC Gala Night at the AMF Hall!! Toodles~~

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