Sunday, January 24, 2010

JaeHoMin Birthday Bash

Checking my emails this morning after waking up. Got this one mail. It's from SayangDBSK. And I was pretty sure that there would be an event coming up.

There, I got that right. Checked out the website, and I was 50-50.

Credit: SayangDBSK

I want to go, but I would not give 100% confirmation yet to anyone. Poor Julia last time that I cancelled my attendance at the very last minute.

So, yorobuun, anyone to go?? It is the same day that the MEDCY Family Day would be held. Maybe..maybe if that event finishes earlier, I would go. Maybe. I don't know yet. I won't promise anything. But, the main reason I'm going is because it's the only time I have to hang out and get to know new friends before my finals, and eventually go back to Kelantan.

Should I go??

FImin says:
My gut says nothing, nor yes, nor no. Ottokajo?? I'm all clueless. I guess it's the after-effect of sleeping at 7.30 in the morning after burning off my night.

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