Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's My 300th Post

Hey! Hey! Hey!

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Finally, I manage to reach the 300th post. Alhamdulillah. To be compared from others, it's nothing much. Still, I'm glad, and grateful at the same time, because I have this strength to keep this blog living. It has been hard for me some times, and I even thought of deleting Fikah Mus [currently known as F's Rules] since I didn't think I had enough time and space to post entries. Again, Alhamdulillah, from His Blessings, there're 300 posts already.

Oh, not forgetting to mention here, obviously, as you can see, my layout and background are all new. Well, at first, I don't think I'd be ready to change them, until I found this one blog has exactly the same ones. So, there it went, I got everything done by Maghrib. Alhamdulillah~~

I had a emotional distress of changing the yellow to pink one. I've been through with every and each up-and-down with my beloved yellow. *sob..sob..sob..*. It had such a sentimental value for me.

But, I still need to edit my bloglists. There are too many people, and I've decided to discard the inactive ones. I sincerely apologize to those I would discard, since I need to move, people. However, if anyone would like to be listed, shout at me at my chatbox. I would be pleased to link you.

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Why is it so hard to find the correct image of 300??

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