Thursday, January 7, 2010

2PM Ok Taecyeon

He's added to my list of addiction, obsession and fandom. He is as the same age as my beloved Min. Both of them are 21, turning to 22 this year, which clarifies that they're just 2 years older than me. What a nonsense I'm talking about here.

Isn't he hot, yet can be cute at the same time?? I've already fallen for him the first time I knew 2PM. The way he raps, so cool maa!! And a little bit wild, crazy, fierce and beasty.

I started liking him more and more when I watched that ridiculously funny Wild Bunny, a reality show, showing a true self of each 2PM member.

More about Ok Taecyeon [taken from 2PM HOTTEST Projects]

Name ➟ Ok Taecyeon
Role in 2PM ➟ Rapper, Dancer
Nickname ➟ Okcat, Jeemseung (beast)
Date of birth ➟ 27th December 1988
Height ➟ 185cm
Weight ➟ 76kg
Blood Type ➟ AB
Religion ➟ Christian
Languages ➟ English & Korean, Japanese (in order of fluency)
School ➟ Dankook University
Hobbies ➟ Music appreciation, Wakeboarding, Skiing
Specialties ➟ Cooking
Ideal Woman ➟ A girl who does her own stuff well
Fav Food ➟ All the food

First Seen ➟ 2006 Superstar Survival
Shows ➟ Superstar Survival (2006), XTM I (2007), Mnet Hot Blood (2008), MBC Idol Army (2008-2009), KM Pop Magazine (2008 – Present), Mnet It’s Time 2PM (2009)

Still, Changminnie tops the list tho. I adore, admire, crush, like, love, miss my MIN like crazy. It's just that he's too busy to be seen, so my attention was kinda diverted to 2PM.

''What?! Am I no longer cute to you, F??''


''I can be hot, too if you want me to..''

You're cute, hot etc. etc.
I can never describe what are you to me.
Beyond my words..

You are my everything.. 

I do not own those pics. Credits go for tagged.

FImin says:

fikah + changmin = FImin, FYI my dear Min.

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