Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanks, Nuffnang!!

I am one of the lucky Nuffnangers to be chosen to attend the FLYMAS.MOBI Bloggers’ Sneak Preview at TTDI Plaza, tomorrow, at 7.30p.m. to 9.30p.m.

I was told this evening when I got a call from Nuffnang staff, Susan, that was her name if I were not mistaken. I was so overjoyed that I woke Zaty up to share the news.

At first, I thought it was cancelled, because I didn't receive any feedback from Nuffnang. Or maybe luck wasn't by my side this afternoon.

But, good news was received by the evening. Woohooo!!

Only just now, I received the email from Nuffnang for the details of the event.

Oh, I'm all clueless and speechless~~

So, dear bloggers, especially those who are yet to join the Nuffnang community, why wait??

Join NOW!!!


FImin says:
I was all stressed up with a lot of things today, until this damn good news came to me.
Thanks a lot, Nuffnang!!
Oops, bad editing up there.
I'm in CC andIi'm nowhere to find the text toolbar..

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