Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thank You!!

Hey, girl!!

Thanks for embarrassing me.

Thanks for humiliating me.

You've done a damn GOOD job.

Thanks to your big mouth.

I wish it would get bigger.

How do you feel, ha??

Well, I'm the best actor ever.

Just pretended nothing happened.

Acting like I was not pissed at all,

even inside, I was burning like hell.

Thanks, again, yah!!

But, please,

don't do the same to others.

And I know you won't.

Because everyone else is waaaay better than me.

So, maybe, I deserve the way you treat me,

so badly.

I won't cry,

not in front you.

But in the shower,

I'll let my heart out.

I'll let my tears run down my cheeks.

Again, thanks to you.

I'm hurt, again, for the umpth time.

FImin says:
Please, people.
Just don't be like me.
Don't let people bring you down
just because they think,
they are good enough to bitch you.
Oops, bad word.
My bad.
Stand up for yourself,
no need to wait
for some kind
of prince charming
your gang
to shield you.
To protect you.
To back you up.
Only you..
can defend for yourself.

how I wished
i snapped back at her
just now.


sHieda shaEda said...

fikah,nape nie>>sape yg kejam sgt tue??

Nurul Zaty said...

eh..why dear?
sapa yg wat awk hurt ni?? huu

afiqah said...


oh, emo sket lar shieda..
sbb tulis bnda ni kurg dr sejam lepas kjadian b'laku..
tuh kuar bnda yg xptot ditulih..
thanx 4 asking nway..
rasenye elok la xyah tau sape die..
tkot nnt pndg die len mcm lak..

gmbr specky tuh, spek wa ka??LOL

afiqah said...

macik zaty:

xsgka ang tnye cni..
p kn td ang dh tny face2face..
aq pn dh cte kn??
thanx nway 4 ur concern..
elok kite xyah sbot name die..
tkot jd umpat plak nnt..
biarlah rahsia~~


jom lalak lgu2 acha+irwan lg..

cik zatil said...

fikah jgn emo emo sgt dear, fedulik kan je org yg tak bape nak betol dgn u tuu..

smile! haa.. kan bagos kalau senyum senyumm..huhu..

afiqah said...

cik zatil:

malas la nak pikir2 lagi..
wat serabut otak je..

memang try nak senyum jaa~~
tahnx dear!!