Thursday, December 10, 2009

Physics, Please Be Nice to Me

Would ya??
Oh, it's been hours surviving my life with Physics. Never been my favourite, but, I'm trying y'all. Not gonna to sleep yet, got more to study. And the only thing that would keep me sane and awake for the time being, is to blog. Yup, blogging. 

Physics kinda tough, but I got help. Thanks, buddies!! I owe you girls..

Ah, I feel so damn sleepy right now, my brain seems not to be functioning as good as the early hours. Keep losing focus, especially when I got my dear Acer in front of me, aided with a good connection of Internet. Oh, what a temptation!

My roommate's sleeping with some formulae notes in her hands. Cute..wondering if that would give some inspirations in our upcoming exam. It's tonight, at 8. Duh~~

Well, would be covering 3 chapters - simple harmonic motion and oscillations, waves and sound waves. Complicated, but  will try my very best y'all.

Oh, I'm mentally tired. Never thought that it would be this tiring. And found out just now, how studying Physics would actually increase your body temperature. Oh, don't bother, I'm just exaggerating..

Hoccay, gotta go..

Sleep tight..sweet dream, y'all..

And I might be dreaming about all the me..LOL

I'm starting to talk it hallucination or what??

FImin says:
Good news received this morning.
I don't know..
It just feels good..


nurain said...

oh babe..itu just simple topic for physic~

you can do it!

afiqah said...


simple kah??
abes xam tuh, trus order mcflurry..
gian habes..