Saturday, December 5, 2009

EAP is English for Academic Purposes

Those were the pics from the night before my presentation?? Remember the day I woke up late for my presentation?? I stayed up until 2++ in the morning, only to wake up late!!!

Haha. It's already in the past. And I had been permitted to postpone my presentation. Well, with the endless headache plus the unorganized speech notes, how could I present in front of my lecturer and classmates?? A big NO!! I know I'm not like the best speaker like Atiqah and Aqilah, confident and convincing, but at least I want myself to be fully prepared. Oh, F, thanks to your last-minute-work habit. Serve you damn right!!

Internet references

Speech prepared

Messy printed stuffs

Creative visual aid
[hell, no!!]
Simple visual aid
[mahjong paper+permanent marker+crayons]

FImin says:
Excuse the blurry pics.
My hands were shaky

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