Sunday, December 27, 2009

Year-End-Sale 2009


Sila layan diri tengok gambar2 di bawah ini ok?!

Dekat Johnny's
[yang pemes ngan steamboat tuh]











Saya berjanji tak akan belanja mewah2 lagi.

Hehe. Tak adalah nak kata sampai tahap mewah. Cuma beli sepasang 'flat shoes' yang harganya RM 39.90,  double-functioned, untuk pergi kelas ataupun keluar jalan2. Dan juga sepasang track pants jenama Forest, sold at RM 24.90. Beli semua ni, kat Berjaya Times Square tadi. Nanti nak cerita lagi. Sebab sekarang dah mengantuk yang amat ni. Jangan lupa maafkan F sebelum anda tidur ya, sebab F amat pasti yang F akan maafkan semua. Tiba2 jadi baik pulak. Huhu.

FImin berkata:
Perasan atau tidak, F dah banyak sangat tabur janji2 manis ibarat bertanam tebu di pinggir bibir [cheh~~tiba2 keluar peribahasa BM segala], tapi tak tunaikan kan?? Ampun ya..sebab aralnya banyak sangat. Asyik melintang saje.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

TVXQ! Overloaded Part 1

I would upload lots of TVXQ! pics that are my favourites. Well, I love all, but I can't afford to upload 'em all. Credits go as tagged and be reminded that I do not own these pics.

WARNING : This is a lengthy and draggy pics post!!

























FImin says:

I miss them so much!!!

Happy 6th Anniversary, DBSK / TVXQ / Tohoshinki

Here, I would like to wish:



my dear DBSK / TVXQ / Tohoshinki.

Dear Yoochun, Junsu, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho,

Happy 6th anniversary. It's been a hard and long journey for all of you. First of all, my apologies for not being able to get you any gifts. All I have is just my love and trust for you. And it will never change. 

I wonder, how are you guys going through this hard time?? Be strong. Stay together. Breaking apart is not what I want, not for now, not for ever. All I want is for you guys to get together back, with no more awkwardness. Want to see you guys joking around, teasing each other; making me laugh my heart out. Oh, it's not that I forgot how to laugh, it's just that lately, even when I watched your funniest vids, I laughed, but with some tears and a broken heart. Seriously, I want my adorkable boys back.

I'm sorry to say that I was not yet a fan when you first debuted. I was nowhere from knowing anything about you. I'm far to be compared with those who have stayed with you, through thick and thin, from the beginning. I'm too new. Too new. But that doesn't mean anything as long as I love you, right??

Well, I don't think you would ever find this entry of mine. Because you don't even know me. But who cares?? I'll keep having you in my mind, even me, myself, not too sure until when.

I wish things would get better, sooner or later. 

I wish for you to be healthy, especially my dear Min, who looks so skinny right now. 

I wish I have the chances to see more passionate performances from you. 

I wish to see Min rapping, because others had, except for him.

I wish I would never give you up.

I wish I have chance to meet you, even once.

I wish all the best in whatever you do.


What Have I Done??!!

This happened quite some time ago. Still, I want to share it with you.

First, it was with AVATAR. Okay, to cut the long story short, I got the invitation to AVATAR Premiere Screening from Nuffnang. Too bad, I wasn't in KL to be present at that day.


And it went the same for the Sherlock Holmes Premiere Screening. I joined the contest, which I put no hopes at all to be chosen. But luck was by my side. Again, I got a pair of invitations. And I let the invitations to be revoked again because I was in the midst of my mid-semester exam. I was feeling damn frustrated because I'd been waiting eagerly to watch it. Even if I were not chosen, I was thinking to go watching it. But, right now, the feeling is different. I lose my interest to watch, because I know, I could have been in the premiere in the first place!! 


So, I sadly say buh-bye to Avatar and Sherlock Holmes.

Anyway, thank you so much, Nuffnang!! I wished I was there. *sob..sob..*

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fanfics aka fanfictions

This post is dedicated to all K-pop, J-pop and C-pop fans.

I've noticed that, lately, some fans have been searching the fanfics with their favourite idols as the characters. How do I know?? It's from the Nuffnang analytics, where I found various keywords, from the fans, like:

1) cerita karangan dbsk

2) ketika changmin bertasbih [this one was our laughing stock throughout the night, because the title sounded so ridiculous, don't you think?? But, looking back at it, I finally realise, how these people really want some imaginative and creative short stories or novels to read.

So, here, I would provide the website that I used to never miss months ago.

And here, I rank my favourites from No. 1 - 3.

1] Within Me.

Changmin of TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki and oh, I can't remember that girl's name. I'll update. The fanfic that ever touched my heart, made my tears rolling down non-stop, tied my tongue to even utter a word. Touching, romantic, funny; it has 'em all.
The best ever!!

2] The Warmth Underneath.

T.O.P. of Big Bang and Kim So Eun [that girl who befriended Jandi in Boys Over Flowers, So Ga Eul. And the one that matches Kim Beom perfectly in the same drama].
Very well-written. I really love the way the author kept the plots moving, from one step to another. Well-organized. And it's not just a cliche boy-meets-girl story. Love it.

3] Living with Them

All DBSK members and You!! I won't say it's the best, but it's one of my favourites.  This was my first fanfic I'd read from the site. It's catchy, entertaining and full of humour. Guess who did that girl get at the end of the story?? I'm not trying to spoil your mood, but it's obviously the one that every girl would drool and set eyes on, none other than Jaejoongie.

FImin says:
So, don't hesitate to drop by at this site, occay??

black and white photography CONTEST


25th DECEMBER 2009

For more information,
just click on the contest logo.
the closing date is VERY soon!!
Pali, pali.
[*hurry, hurry*]

Some infos regarding this photo.
Well, some of you might already know that
this pic had been uploaded here before.
I told some stories,
of how people misjudged me.
Not in a bad way,
but I don't feel good to be misunderstood
as a perfect person,
 by just looking from the pic.
Oh, the pic was supposed to be my entry
for Nuffnang's Storm Warrior contest,
but I failed to post it on my blog on time.
So, this so infamous pic
has become my profile pic
for my Facebook page.
One good thing that I like so much about this pic,
because the shawl covered the flaws,
[be it pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, scars etc.]
which happened to be on my face.
And, here,
I'm done with the contest.
All the best to all other participants!!
May the best win!!

I'm back!!

Hey, hey, hey!!
F is back on track again.
Safe and sound.
Exam's over, and we'll have a wild party this weekend. LOL.
What on earth would the party be like haa??
It's not really a party.
It's more to a gathering with some friends, with pizzas, well-sponsored by Wa.
And we also will have the tension released at that upcoming night.
Oh, can't wait, can't wait.
Got more to tell ya.
Wait ha.
More updates coming, very soooon.

Again, thanks to those who add up to my traffic.
And those who follow, too.
I'll be visiting your homes to shoot some points later.

Terima kasih.
Thank you.

FImin says:
Life's been tough..
and complicated lately..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Salam buat yang membaca.

F sedang mengalami suatu fasa yang tak dapat dikenal pasti.
Nanti akan diceritakan lebih lanjut.
Tapi, bukan buat masa yang terdekat.
Terima kasih buat yang setia,
setia mengikuti perkembangan,
setia mengklik.
F sangat serabut sekarang ni.
Hati kurang tenang.
Banyak dosa brangkali.
Maka, perlu sentiasa dekat pada sang Pencipta.

Dan tambahan pula,
sekarang musim peperiksaan.
Tambah resah dan gelisah hati F.

Itu sahaja.
Untuk mengkhabarkan sedikit sebanyak perihal F.
Untuk menyatakan bahawa blog ini masih ada empunya.

Salam sayang,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Physics, Please Be Nice to Me

Would ya??
Oh, it's been hours surviving my life with Physics. Never been my favourite, but, I'm trying y'all. Not gonna to sleep yet, got more to study. And the only thing that would keep me sane and awake for the time being, is to blog. Yup, blogging. 

Physics kinda tough, but I got help. Thanks, buddies!! I owe you girls..

Ah, I feel so damn sleepy right now, my brain seems not to be functioning as good as the early hours. Keep losing focus, especially when I got my dear Acer in front of me, aided with a good connection of Internet. Oh, what a temptation!

My roommate's sleeping with some formulae notes in her hands. Cute..wondering if that would give some inspirations in our upcoming exam. It's tonight, at 8. Duh~~

Well, would be covering 3 chapters - simple harmonic motion and oscillations, waves and sound waves. Complicated, but  will try my very best y'all.

Oh, I'm mentally tired. Never thought that it would be this tiring. And found out just now, how studying Physics would actually increase your body temperature. Oh, don't bother, I'm just exaggerating..

Hoccay, gotta go..

Sleep tight..sweet dream, y'all..

And I might be dreaming about all the me..LOL

I'm starting to talk it hallucination or what??

FImin says:
Good news received this morning.
I don't know..
It just feels good..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick Updates

Gonna be busy..

-EAP presentation..[wish me luck] DONE!!

-study Physics 2
 > Simple harmonic motion and oscillations
 > Waves
 > Sound waves

-Physic 2 Midsem Exam [8.00-9.30pm]..again wish me all the best..

-Flight to KB at noon..

F dah balas klik2 links yang ditinggalkan kt shoutbox tuh semampunya..
yang baru tinggal link, nanti F balas balik k??
sowey, coz F nak hilangkan diri jap jer..
nanti F datang balik..
thanx to all!!
<3 ya all!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cinta Itu Indah


Dengan nama Allah
Sebaik-baik Pemberi Ganjaran


Namamukah yang tertulis di luh mahfuz sana?
Engkaukah yang bakal menemaniku jalan menuju syurga?
Dirimukah yang akan melengkapkan separuh dari agamaku?
Aduhai pria.
Adakah kau yang tercipta untukku?
Jawab pertanyaanku ini.

Kau takkan pernah dapat memberi jawapan
Kerna jawapannya bukan di tanganmu
Tetapi di tanganNya.
Di tangan Tuhan kita; Allah
Tuhanku dan Tuhanmu

Gelisahku memikirkan dirimu
Dan ketakutanku memikirkan Tuhanku
Aduhai pria
Maafkan aku.
Ketakutanku pada Tuhanku melebihi kegelisahanku memikirkanmu

Jemput diriku pabila waktunya tiba
Sebelum sampai saat itu, biarkan aku sendiri bersama Si Dia
Akan kucipta cinta bersama Dia
Sebelum kucipta cinta antara kita

Jadilah dirimu kumbang yang hebat
Dan doakan aku agar menjadi bunga yang mekar

"i've leave him for the sake of Allah"

Sesungguhnya Allah takkan pernah mensia-siakan pengorbananmu sayang
Bilamana kita tinggalkan semua ini kerana Allah semata
Yakinlah! Akan ada sesuatu yang indah untukmu di pengakhiran nanti

Dan sesungguhnya hari kemudian itu lebih baik bagimu daripada yang sekarang (permulaan).
Dan kelak Tuhanmu pasti memberikan karunia-Nya kepadamu , lalu (hati) kamu menjadi puas.
[Ad dhuha: 4 & 5]

Untuk itu
Aku tinggalkan dirimu padaNya

Sesungguhnya aku bertawakkal kepada Allah Tuhanku dan Tuhanmu.Tidak ada suatu binatang melata melainkan Dia-lah yang memegang ubun-ubunnya. Sesungguhnya Tuhanku di atas jalan yang lurus.
(Allah Maha Adil)
[Hud: 56]

usah bersedih atas perpisahan sementara ini
jika benar dia tercipta untukmu
tiada apa yang dapat menghalangnya
sebelum saat itu tiba
berdoalah pada Allah moga diberi kekuatan
mohonlah padanya dengan penuh mengharap

Yakinlah pada janji Allah

Wanita-wanita yang keji adalah untuk laki-laki yang keji, dan laki-laki yang keji adalah buat wanita-wanita yang keji (pula), dan wanita-wanita yang baik adalah untuk laki-laki yang baik dan laki-laki yang baik adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang baik (pula). Mereka (yang dituduh) itu bersih dari apa yang dituduhkan oleh mereka (yang menuduh itu). Bagi mereka ampunan dan rezki yang mulia (surga)
[An Nur: 26]

Beruntunglah kamu tatkala Allah memilihmu untuk menyedari hakikat perhubungan antara lelaki dan wanita
Allah memilihmu sayang
Jangan pernah sia-siakan kasih sayang Allah ini

maka Allah mengilhamkan kepada jiwa itu (jalan) kefasikan dan ketakwaannya
 sesungguhnya beruntunglah orang yang mensucikan jiwa itu
dan sesungguhnya merugilah orang yang mengotorinya
[ As Syams: 8,9,10]

Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang mengatakan: "Tuhan kami ialah Allah" kemudian mereka meneguhkan pendirian mereka, maka malaikat akan turun kepada mereka dengan mengatakan: "Janganlah kamu takut dan janganlah merasa sedih; dan gembirakanlah mereka dengan jannah yang telah dijanjikan Allah kepadamu

Dan tika kamu merasa lemah
Mohonlah kekuatan dariNya
Allah itu dekat
yakin pasti

Dan jika syaitan mengganggumu dengan suatu gangguan, maka mohonlah perlindungan kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Dia-lah yang Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui

kamu intan terpilih
jagalah kilauanmu sayang
jangan biarkan sang kumbang merosakkannya sebelum yang halal tiba
aku mendoakanmu

dari sahabat untuk sahabat

FImin berkata:
Entri ini khas buat seorang sahabat yang resah dan gelisah,
memikirkan betul atau salah keputusan yang diambil.
Diri F jua berasa tidak tenang, selagi mengetahui jiwa yang di sana,
juga tidak tenang.

Buat sahabatku,
kamu tahu, diri kamu yang F maksudkan.
Berdoalah pada ALLAH supaya
ditenangkan hati,
mintalah pada-Nya,
supaya membenarkan keputusan yang diambil.
Benar atau tidak keputusanmu,
Dia sahaja yang tahu,
yang lebih mengerti
dari segala apa pun
di dunia ini.

Menangis jika kamu mahu menangis,
sahabat2mu sentiasa ada untukmu,
tetapi Dia Yang Maha Esa,
ada pada waktu senang dan susahmu.

Ini dugaan, sayang,
hadapi dengan sabar..

Nukilan indah di atas
diukir dengan begitu rapi sekali
oleh seorang sahabat F sewaktu di Faris Petra dulu.
Awin kini berada di Kanada,
melanjutkan pelajaran dalam bidang bioteknologi.

Syukran, ya ukhti..