Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is For You, My Dear..

She has been always whining on how both of us should blog about each other. This goes for you, my dear roomie, Zaty.

This entry is posted since I'm so touched, on how grateful you are to know me, in your post. FYI, me, either.

Thanks a lot for keeping up with my ridiculous behaviour and such.

Yesterday, that was so sweet of you.

Selasa malam.

Saya : Awak[panggilan ini digunakan apabila aku nak mengada-ngada]..saya rasa tiba2 macam jauh hatila. Tak tahulah kenapa tiba-tiba rasa cam ni.

Dia : Jauh hati?? Ngan sape?? Macam tau ja ngan sapa ang jauh hati.

Saya : Erm, xpela..nak gi toilet jap. [bukan nak mengelak, tapi memang masa tu jugak la nak pergi tandas. Jadi, perbualan kami terhenti begitu saje tanpa sape2 rase cam nak sambung]

See..she knew me too well to even know with whom I'd had hard feelings. LOL.

Thanks, yeah, Zaty sayang!!

Even it was just a very short conversation, but I really appreciated it. And I still am.

So, my dear, knowing you're always be there for me, just remember ONE thing, for me, too, will be there anytime,anywhere for you.

Don't be sad..

Knowing that we can always count on each other.

#MUSIC :- That's What Friends Are For - can't remember who sings this.

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