Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, My Dear Lemon Detox Diet!!

Oh, please!! I'm not currently on this kind of diet. Later, maybe?? LOL

Well, that's my topic for my term paper of English for Academic Purposes. Just a week ago, I was confident enough to do this topic, but right now, I start to feel that something's just not right and the topic is just not for me.


Why must this happen now?? Not before?? Happens when it's just tomorrow, the final day to send in my topic for confirmation.

I'm so stressful!!

Interested to know more??

Here are some useful links.

I'll give both good and bad sides for you to judge.

Or maybe to practise this type of diet.

Out of four my printed Internet researches that were shown to my lecturer this morning, only one was approved. I repeat, O.N.E.!!!

But, it didn't piss me off at all, and no way I'd get mad to my lecturer [well, because she's so nice, I say]. And it's also not a reason why I was thinking to change my topic. Nothing at all to do with the rejection of the Internet sources.

It's ME!! Aiyaah!!

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