Thursday, November 26, 2009

Missing You

I miss him.

I miss them.

I miss my MIN.

I miss my DongBang boys.

I miss his wits.

I miss their strong bond.

I miss his sarcasm.

I miss their super-uber-duper adorkiness.

Look at him.

Such a hottie he is, isn't he?

New hairstyle.

Almost like ChunJae's hairstyle,too.

I like the fact that his face seemed to be left unshaved or what??

Looks manly, matured.

I don't know what other fans would say, but didn't his side profile resembles Junsu's Mirotic??

Or is it just me??

How can others tear or break them apart when they have so much in common??!!

Well, seeing these, makes me relieved.

FImin says:

Call me obssessed,

call me crazy,

call me a maniac,

call me a stalker,

call me a fanatic..

I just am.

Taken from: SYC

Credit to tagged.

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