Friday, November 13, 2009

Kenny Rogers 2012 Movie Online Contest

[click on the pic to join. N-O-W!!]

This time, it goes for the world's greatest chicken, with less fat, less salt and lest calories.
What else, it's Kenny Rogers.
Mentioning the name alone, makes my saliva dripping here. LOL.
Here is a chance for you to Kenny's Meal Vouchers
and some exclusive 2012 merchandise.

What are the rules??

Well, basically, you must be 18 and above to participate.
As simple as that.

Answer 3 easy questions.

Fill in the slogan
"I love to dine in Kenny Rogers ROASTERS because..."
[10 words or less, okay?!]

Fill in the contest entry form and click 'Submit'.

That's all.

I've told ya, it's easy, maa!!

FImin says:
Inside me, there's evil whispering,
WTH are you doing sharing this contest with everyone??!!
You'll minimise your chance of winning!!

Well, 'sharing is caring', ayte?


Anonymous said...

dah tengok.. :)

Iriene said...

Thanks for sharing. Buying tickets for 2012 tomorrow show...can't wait to watch it :) Tks for droppin by.

afiqah said...

Hanida Lavida:
huhu..rmai kwn2 ckp best..
tapi cm mls lg nk g tgk..
td g mid mmg sgt la crowded..

afiqah said...

Well, like i said, sharing is caring..LOL
Am eager to watch 2012, the crowds at MidValley this evening.. many lorh!!
do join the 2012 contest ok??
it's damn easy..