Thursday, November 26, 2009


Currently, using my own lappy to post an entry. So, can't edit anything.

Last night, I was either:

-too excited to get home OR

-too lonely to be alone OR

-too stressed with the mosquitoes!!

because I just couldn't sleep!!!

I bet, I was just asleep just for few minutes, maybe.

Because I could easily wake up to listening the Quran recitation from the mosque and to be ready for Subuh prayer.

Well, it was awful last night.

I would reject the first reason because my heart didn't thumped as hard as I've ever had before.

When I got excited, I would have my heart beating so fast and this kind of feeling, having butterflies in my tummy.

But, I wasn't.

I thought of the second reason because my roomate already left for her uncle's house, before departing to Kulim, maybe by today.

I would stare to her empty bed, while thinking how lucky she was to be home earlier, every second.

But, I wasn't.

So, the third reason came to my mind.

It's a war between me and those mosquitoes!!

From the first glance I saw one of them, I'd had the feeling, that my night wouldn't be as peaceful as ever.

They were mercilessly abusing me almost the whole night!!

First, some marks on my arms, then when it was almost Subuh, I felt the itchiness somewhere around my feet.

It's 5-0.

Them, 5 - 0, me.

Even the Mestika ointment could do nothing, compared to their cruelness.

Right now, my eyes hurt and my head aches.


FImin says:
I've printscreened the dysfunctional 'New Post' and have some editing.
But since I can't upload any image for the time being, I'll have that posted as soon as Wa gets up, and will borrow her lappy.
Well, I have to use the PC in my mom's office to post entries once I get home tomorrow morning. Sob..sob..sob..raya morning??

And I have a 'kenduri' [I use Ctrl I] coming up this Saturday evening at my house.
Have invited lots of friends, from CFS to Faris Petra to even SKKK3!!
Wish they would come!!
If you happened to live nearby Kubang Kerian, do come ya!!!

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