Monday, November 16, 2009

Gamsahamnida, chingu-ah!!

This is regarding the event that Sayang_DBSK would held by this weekend. Julia, being _________ [put ANY GOOD word to describe a girl] as always, offered to pay for me. Well, thanks to her, it's almost like a dream comes true, to be there with other M'sia Cassiopeians.

But, felt bothered, I replied [which is not included up there], that offer would apply to me if and only if the allowance is not banked in until this weekend. Even she was to pay first for me, I would pay her back as soon as I get my allowance.

Oh, the part ''not that famous'', it's SOOO not true, unless if you think being the senior secretary [cheewaah!!] of one big society in our college is not famous.

She is. Even she is not holding that post, she would still be famous.

Because she is Joo Lee Yah. A die-hard fan of TVXQ!, almost with the complete collections of TVXQ! stuffs.

FImin says:

I can't describe your kindness, chingu-ah, in words.

I'm all speechless~~

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