Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Kisah Ini 2

Salam untuk semua.

Hari ini, nak buat sesi luahan hati dan perasaan. Sesiape rasa muak + loya + nak termuntah, F nasihatkan, tak payah baca. Tak payah jeling pun.

Ini adalah satu pengakuan.

F minat seseorang. Min?? Ya, dia memang saya sayang+minat+gila sampai tak ingat dunia.

Tapi, yang F maksudkan di sini, bukan Min, ok?!

Dah lama kenal dengan my crush ni. Sejak Form 1 lagi. Tapi masa tuh, memang takde nak feelim2 la, sebab bukan satu kelas pun, so whaddaheck nak sebok hal mamat ni. Ceh, m-a-m-a-t~~

Mula kenal lebih dekat, sebenarnya lepas SPM. Cerita ni memang macik kesayangan aka Zaty aka my current rumet dah tau. And some other people, too. YM, chat, itu sume biaselar. He's totally a different person when YMing with me. I'm not sure, whether this applied to other girls, too, but I guessed, it went the same for all.

There, I found out how nice he was. And he still is. Cume mulut dia, tak bleh nak berenti menghentam orang. Ade je nak mengena. And we'd become the so-called good friends.

Until one time, suddenly, F rase dah macam developed some kind of this weird feeling. You name it, because I believe, you must know what this feeling is all about.

F lupe camne bleh tibe2 stop YMing ngan die. All I knew was that before I entered CenFoS IIUM, F masih ok ngan dia. Kot.

FYI, kami tak kapel ok?? No kapel2 la, sebab kami kan good friends. Silapnya pada F jugak, sebab ada perasaan camni. Memang serius benci giler perasaan tuh, sebab F tau, we'll make the best of friends, if and only if I've no feeling at all towards him, except for a friend's love.

Rase cam bodoh giler. Tak gitu?? Only then, F baru faham ape perasaan Mr. L aka my best guy friend since Form 3, when he texted me about his feelings a year later. I'm sorry, Mr L, for hurting you. How I wished things would get back to normal, just like before. It was the SWEETEST friendship I'd ever had in my life!!

Okay, back to the story. Satu semester pertama, F dapat elak daripada jumpa dia. I'd even deleted his name from my YM list, how cruel was that. Sebab F takmo ade feeling kat dia dah. I wondered if he ever wondered why I didn't YM him for some time, but I don't think so. Sebab he never added me back later on. I don't know whether he knows what's going on and just pretends nothing actually happens. I don't know. F takde kuasa psikik nak baca minda, hati dan pikiran orang. Mungkin, dia pun malas nak pikir2 nape orang yang takde makna ini, buat camtuh kat die.

The next semester, came the real disaster. Surprisingly, got a class with this guy. Urgh!! Mase tuh, Allah saje tahu betape F control giler, bukan control ayu ok, control, hurm..adelar..macam2. Sampai satu masa, I almost broke to tears sebab tak tahan dengar a good friend of mine asek2 crita, about how close they were. And they still are. How this guy never missed texting her, calling her to tell every bits of his life until his credit was all out. And me, myself being lucky, dengar all the bits of his and her stories, when we contacted each other.

F mula tau F memang btol2 ade perasaan gini, when I felt jealous towards her. Tapi F takbleh marah kat this girl, coz dia crushed on mamat ni, lagi lamer dari F baek ngan mamat itu. And this girl is waaaaaaaay better, more gentle, more motherly, sweeter than yours truly.

So whose fault is that??

It's none other than ME.

So, dear all my beloved ones, jangan marah kalau F tak nak mula dulu or whatsoever. Besides, I hate being the first to start a relationship, be it with guys or girls. Call me cowardice or what, that's just me, being one. Jangan ditanya kenape F deleted his YM and phone number, because, me, myself couldn't figure ot why I'd ever did that in the first place.


Dah malas nak pikir2 lagi.

Dahla akan jumpe dia lagi, sebab CenFoS ni bukannya besar gedabak pun nak men lari jauh2. Nak tak nak, kena tengok gak muke dia sooner or later.

Ape yang F tau, F tak layak dan tak sesuai untuk dia. Noktah!

FImin berkata:
Jangan sape2 yang tau, sebut nama inche itu kat sini, tolonglah...
Kalau tau tuh, wat2 tak tau je la ek..
Melainkan kamu memang dah tak sayang diri ini lagi..sob3

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Missing You

I miss him.

I miss them.

I miss my MIN.

I miss my DongBang boys.

I miss his wits.

I miss their strong bond.

I miss his sarcasm.

I miss their super-uber-duper adorkiness.

Look at him.

Such a hottie he is, isn't he?

New hairstyle.

Almost like ChunJae's hairstyle,too.

I like the fact that his face seemed to be left unshaved or what??

Looks manly, matured.

I don't know what other fans would say, but didn't his side profile resembles Junsu's Mirotic??

Or is it just me??

How can others tear or break them apart when they have so much in common??!!

Well, seeing these, makes me relieved.

FImin says:

Call me obssessed,

call me crazy,

call me a maniac,

call me a stalker,

call me a fanatic..

I just am.

Taken from: SYC

Credit to tagged.


See what I meant before??

Is there anyone out there know how to solve this??

I'm stucked!!

Currently using from Wa's lappy.


Currently, using my own lappy to post an entry. So, can't edit anything.

Last night, I was either:

-too excited to get home OR

-too lonely to be alone OR

-too stressed with the mosquitoes!!

because I just couldn't sleep!!!

I bet, I was just asleep just for few minutes, maybe.

Because I could easily wake up to listening the Quran recitation from the mosque and to be ready for Subuh prayer.

Well, it was awful last night.

I would reject the first reason because my heart didn't thumped as hard as I've ever had before.

When I got excited, I would have my heart beating so fast and this kind of feeling, having butterflies in my tummy.

But, I wasn't.

I thought of the second reason because my roomate already left for her uncle's house, before departing to Kulim, maybe by today.

I would stare to her empty bed, while thinking how lucky she was to be home earlier, every second.

But, I wasn't.

So, the third reason came to my mind.

It's a war between me and those mosquitoes!!

From the first glance I saw one of them, I'd had the feeling, that my night wouldn't be as peaceful as ever.

They were mercilessly abusing me almost the whole night!!

First, some marks on my arms, then when it was almost Subuh, I felt the itchiness somewhere around my feet.

It's 5-0.

Them, 5 - 0, me.

Even the Mestika ointment could do nothing, compared to their cruelness.

Right now, my eyes hurt and my head aches.


FImin says:
I've printscreened the dysfunctional 'New Post' and have some editing.
But since I can't upload any image for the time being, I'll have that posted as soon as Wa gets up, and will borrow her lappy.
Well, I have to use the PC in my mom's office to post entries once I get home tomorrow morning. Sob..sob..sob..raya morning??

And I have a 'kenduri' [I use Ctrl I] coming up this Saturday evening at my house.
Have invited lots of friends, from CFS to Faris Petra to even SKKK3!!
Wish they would come!!
If you happened to live nearby Kubang Kerian, do come ya!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Balik Kampung, woo!!

Okeyh, entri terakhir hari tuh, F cakap tak dak update sampai raye kan?? Sebenarnya, dah tak tahan gian ni, tu yang ade jugak entri. Tak boleh lamer2, tumpang lappy orang yang dah nak balek malam ni aka rumetku aka macik ZATY ok?? Tak leh blah laptop F tuh nak wat hal mase syok2 gini.

Ramai orang dah berduyun-duyun balek?? *dengan nada jeles* Ai tak jeles okeyh?? Sangatla tak jeles especially to macik tu yang dah tak sabar2 nak balek Kulim nuh..

Oh, mesti curious kan, knaper F tak reti2 make my own way to my home sweet home?? Sebab adelar manusia itu yang sangatlah BAEK punya jual ikan, mentang2 die ade kuase tertinggi persatuan, maka dia request trip to Kelantan pada hari Khamis, just because that person got classes tomorrow. Oh, kamu sangatla JUAL IKAN. Nak jual ikan, sila ke pasar ya, inche.

Esok, Khamis, satu hari free gilak, tarak ada idea nak wat ape. Ingat nak blah gi MV ja, tengok New Moon ka, coz ade teman F cakap, cite tuh kuar esok.

Wa, Yana n Widad ajak gi Jalan TAR. F pun rase nak pegi, sebab ingat nak cari kain tok mama tersayang, bufdaey dia Sabtu lepas. Nantilah, konpem balek ngan dorang. Oh, takleh wat special post for my momma sebab ader masalah ngan either Mozilla or Blogger or my Acer. Bukan blogger kot, sebab macik Zaty punye ok ja.

Tengokla camna.

F dan kawan2, termasuk Wa n Yana balek ngan bas pada malam esok, pukul 9, insya-Allah. Doakan kami selamat pulang, selamat sampai pada pagi raya. Haru..haru..

Oh, sebab takde selera nak makan pape kat Kafe ZC ni, maka, tadi bukak poser ngan McD Big 'n Tasty McValue Meal ngan budak2 ni -macik Zaty, aunty Wa n ahjumma Shieda. Kah3. Jangan mare haa kena panggil macik2, wahai macik2 tercayam..

FImin berkata:
Pada seseorang itu yang hanya F usha dari jauh,
just wanna say,
'Have a safe journey, yeah!!'

[baru tau,
orang tuh balek malam ni.
awal dari F lak tus.

Dun worry,
F setia ngan my MIN sayang lagi ok??!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

F will be in HIATUS for the time being

Hey all!!!

Macam ada orang je baca blog ni. Huhu. To those who do follow me, tak tahu nak cakap terima kasih macam mana sebab sudi ikut perkembangan yang merapu.

Ok, lama tak ada update kan?? Options on my new post, dah buat bengong, so, no edits except for the font. I don't know if this happens to others too. Tapi benda ni dah buat F sangat fed-up nak update.

Jadi, cuma nak bagitau sumer, F akan balik rumah Khamis malam dengan bas PERDANA, anak2 Kelantan punya society. Kiranya, sampai pagi raya la. Huhu. Sedih sikit la.

Dan F juga takkan ada updates buat sementara waktu sebab sibuk pagi ke malam. Dengan kelas siang, ditambah lagi kelas ganti pada waktu malam, ada projek nak kena siapkan, EAP yang asyik menyeru nama F tiap2 saat sampai gerun jadinya.

Ok, maaf. Dah sangat merapu ni.

F dah stuck n blurr gile tak tau nak tulis ape.

Insya-Allah, masa raye, ade update kot, kalau tak terkejar-kejar.

Sebab hari raya pertama, ade buat Qurban.

Hari kedua, buat kenduri sikit, ajak kawan2 sume.

Hari ketiga, Ahad, malam tu dah nak balik.


Tu je.

Terima kaseh gak pada yang sudi klik2 my nuffs, tapi maaf sangat2, tak bleh nak balas balek tolong klik nuffs korang, sebab takde mase cukup.

Ok eh.

F kena chaw lu.

Nak pegi p.malam sek.17, sblom pegi kelas kimia malam ni kul 8.

FImin berkate:

Ade F bagitau elaun dah masuk Jumaat lepas?? Yuhhuuuu!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday, J!!

Okeyh. Hari ni bufdaey Syajaratuddur Abdul Halim. Merangkap ex klasmet English level 5, peneman exempted comp di Sem.3 dolu, geng masuk kelas BTQ waktu Sem.3 gak lepas kami same2 wat muke sedeyh merayu kat ustazah, yang kami nak masuk kelas gak.LOL. Geng aku wat tukar2 grup subjek. Ex-rumet Wa n Shieda, skang ni jadik rumet Sol plak.

Selamat ulang tahun, ya sayangku J. Chewaah. Ayat tak leh blah.

Jadi, semalam, kami, geng masuk air - F, Wa, Zaty, Shieda, Yana, Widad dan Sol wat kejutan hari jadi yang brape terkejut dan tak brape jadi. Petang sebelum kejadian, F dan Wa [yang dua2 pose], meredah hujan, demi ke kedai aci kat kawasan pasar malam Seksyen 17 ni, pi carik es krem tok sambut pada malam tadi. Dapatla eskrem butterscotch, kaler hijau+kuning+ungu jenama Nestle, yang hargenye RM5.99.

Mule2, engat nak gi Cold Storage kat Jaya One nuh, tapi memandangkan hujan dan F gerun sket nak lintas2 jalan sebelum ke Jaya One tuh, maka kami cuba nasibla pergi kedai aci tu gak. Jikalau takde, memang sah2 la nak kne redah gak gi Cold Storage tuh.

Sebelum pulang, sempatla F dan Wa membeli sakan makanan kat pasar malam tuh. Nasi goreng ayam, taufufa, eskrem goreng dan gorengan yang bercucuk-cucuk itu. Pergh, terbaek la!!

Maaf, entri patut pasal ulang tahun J, tapi dah terlalut ngan cite kami lak.

Adelah gambar2 semalam yang sempat diambil sebelum eskrem itu habis dilantak.

Oh, maaf ya, takde gambar kami yang cun2 ni. Paham2 la. Kat dalam bilik kot. Gile ape nak snap kan..

Eskrem butterscotch yang dah mencair
akibat F yang terlalu eksaited,
terambil awal dari peti sejuk kat kiosk.

Quote Shieda:
Air oren yang 'tajam'

Adiah bufdaey J,
choc cheese cake.
Bukan dari geng kami.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gamsahamnida, chingu-ah!!

This is regarding the event that Sayang_DBSK would held by this weekend. Julia, being _________ [put ANY GOOD word to describe a girl] as always, offered to pay for me. Well, thanks to her, it's almost like a dream comes true, to be there with other M'sia Cassiopeians.

But, felt bothered, I replied [which is not included up there], that offer would apply to me if and only if the allowance is not banked in until this weekend. Even she was to pay first for me, I would pay her back as soon as I get my allowance.

Oh, the part ''not that famous'', it's SOOO not true, unless if you think being the senior secretary [cheewaah!!] of one big society in our college is not famous.

She is. Even she is not holding that post, she would still be famous.

Because she is Joo Lee Yah. A die-hard fan of TVXQ!, almost with the complete collections of TVXQ! stuffs.

FImin says:

I can't describe your kindness, chingu-ah, in words.

I'm all speechless~~

Duit, Oh Duit!!

Hari ini, secara rasminya, aku masuk geng pokai. Baca betul2, pokai, bukan POKER, bukan PUKAU. Elaun belum masuk lagi, tapi ada je budak2 yang dah elaun mereka dimasukkan. Padanla dengan muka kau, wahai Cik F oi, beli benda makan macam tak ingat dunia. Lagi pulak, siapa suruh beli benda2 merapu?? Nasib badan~~ Elaun PaMa ada, tapi tu pun sedang2 jugak. Nak mintak lagi, rasa bersalah yang amat kat ma dan abah. Iyela, kerja penat2, anak pulak tahu habiskan duit. Jadi, konklusinya, diamkan saja.

''Woit, ko kan ade Nuffnang??!!''

Oh, yang itu?? Alhamdulillah, duit bertambah sikit demi sikit, tapi tak cukup untuk nak keluarkan. Baru lagi join.

''Hari tu, bukan ke ko buat bisnes megi best??''

Ye, iye, memang ade. Tapi, dah turun semangat lepas duit RM10 hilang. Salah aku jugak, masa duit itu menari-nari suruh aku ambil, aku buat bodo jek. Akibatnya, pagi esok, tengok2 dah hilang.

''Tak reti2 ke nak pinjam duit rumet kesayangan ke??''

Dulu, aku memang muka tak malu pinjam duit orang. Tapi, dah besor2 ni, segan pun ada. Lagipun, tak nak la susahkan sape2, sehinggalah aku betul2 tak de duit makan. Boleh je hidup lagi ni. Rumet tersayang ade tawarkan, tapi tak nakla. Kalau terdesak sangat, baru buat muka seposen gi mintak kat dia.

Sebagai intihanya [cheh, tak leh blah guna ayat skema karangan BM SPM dulu], kena sedar2kan diri, supaya jangan keluar hujung minggu ni, melainkan elaun dah masuk, yang mana aku tak nak berharap sangat [sebab ada orang cakap masuk esok, yang paling best, masuk nanti awal bulan 12, memang KAW ah!!]. Lagi pun, minggu depan dah cuti Hari Raya Korban kan?? Sabar ajelah.

Pasar malam esok pun, sila tinggalkan pesanan "Jangan rindu saya tak datang, ok?!" kepada kawan2 yang ada duit, apabila mereka bertemu dengan penjual2 kesayangan hati F ni.

FImin berkata:

Kepada mereka yang tersayang, TOLONG, jangan nak sebut depan F atau komen kat sini dengan kata2 ini:

''Itula, sape suruh beli benda2 macam tu!''

Sebab, kamu lain, F pun lain.

Dan, F tahu dan faham setiap tindakan yang diambil.

Risiko F tanggung sendiri.

Jangan salah faham yang F macam tak nak dengar nasihat orang.

Itu bukan nasihat, itu
destructive and judgemental point of view.

Terima kasih.

F masih sayang kamu, kamu dan kamu.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Petua Menajamkan Penglihatan

Menajamkan Penglihatan.

1) Kerap memandang sesuatu yang hijau.
[Oh, ini agak senang nak buat memandangkan pokok2 ada je kat luar tingkap].

2) Memandang wajah orang yang kita sayangi seperti wajah ibu, suami, anak-anak dan saudara sejenis, dan elakkan memakan benda yang manis.
[Mula2, F gelak sakan sebab fikir2, betul ke pandang muka orang tersayang boleh tajamkan penglihatan. Tapi, bila ranung2 balik, ada logiknya, sebab, satu, kita akan rasa lapang bila pandang mereka, dan dua, orang yang tersayang ni ibarat eyecandies. Pandang tak jemu. Bab elak makan benda manis tu, F kurang pastila. Kena rujuk balik pada mereka yang arif, ok?]

3) Bercelak ketika hendak tidur.
[Sekali lagi, kena rujuk pada yang pakar. Nanti F update balik kalau dah tahu, ok?]

4) Kerap duduk menghadap kiblat.
[Ini lebih kepada kerohanian, F rasa. Syukur Alhamdulillah, meja belajar sekarang kat kolej ni, menghadap kiblat. Tapi, kat rumah, tak. Nantilah, F buat pengubahsuaian sikit bila dah cuti.]

5) Makan lobak putih selalu.
[F ingat, lebihkan lobak merah, sebab ada banyak Vitamin A. Dulu, masa duduk kat asrama sekolah menengah pun, memang kawan2 sebilik asyik makan lobak merah yang mentah2. F? Tak lalu nak makan yang mentah2. Sekurang-kurangnya, biar rebus sikit, oklah, bolehla nak telan. Tak apelah. Nanti F cuba lobak putih pulak.]

Petua Nenek Kebayan

FImin berkata:
Terjumpa petua2 yang menarik ni masa tengah cari idea baru untuk EAP [English for Academic Purposes].
Sebab, bila fikir2 balik, baik cari petua2 tradisional daripada fokus yang susah nak buktikan keberkesanannya [i.e. Lemon Detox Diet]. Memang lemon membantu menurunkan berat badan, tetapi F tiba2 rasa lost pulak.
Baca entri
Oh, My Dear LDD!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hari ini hari Sabtu. Hujung minggu. Sepatutnya, kami berdua, F dan Zaty memerap saja kat bilik, sebab minggu lepas, baru je keluar. Takkanlah nak keluar lagi. Lagi pun, kalau nak keluar sekali pun, kami boleh je gi One Utama, sebab ade FLY FM Birthday Bash, kate kawan2. Dengarnya, ramai kawan2 gi OU, nak jumpa artis2 indie sume. Tapi macam biaselar, kami berdua suka buat bende lain dari yang lain. Kami pergi Mid Valley Megamall lagi minggu ni. Alasan?? ''Lapar. Jom makan Kenny Rogers!!''. Sebab semalam F cek laman web KRR, dah terliur gile2, make gi lah MV lagi minggu ni.

Dan kami memang makan besar. Gambar2 makanan. [Sayang sekali, sebab kami berdua same2 malas nak ambik gambar masing2, maka tak dela gambar 2 orang budak yang sangat kuat makan sampai tak engat dunia. Padahal, dua2 dah ayu kot, pakai baju kurung gitu. Mase jadik budak baek nila, pak gad 'kesayangan' tak bertugas pulak.]

Kenny Rogers Roasters,
Lower Ground,
Mid Valley Megamall.

Quarter Original Chicken
3 Side dishes:
Potato salad
Mashed potato with gravy
1 Vanilla Muffin
Rm 15.90

Quarter Original Chicken
3 Side dishes:
Aromatic Rice
Mashed potato with gravy
1 Chocolate Muffin

The muffins.
Vanilla and Chocolate.

Versi bungkus.
Tak larat nak habiskan kat KRR.

The all-time favourite,
none other than
The Seasons Iced Lemon Tea.
[It got few lemon slices in the drink..yum..yum..]
RM 5.00

Niko-niko Kitchen,
depan La Boheme,
Lower Ground,
Mid Valley Megamall.

Chicken Terikyaki Don
[Nasi pulut, ayam masak kicap, kacang panjang dan lobak merah goreng, tauhu goreng]
RM 7.90

Chicken Teriyaki Don
[Zaty punya sama macam F, ada sosej, bukan tauhu].
RM 7.90

Sisters' Crispy Popiah.
[1 - RM3.00, 2 -RM5.50, dekat SOGO lagi murah ok?!
Tapi, kempunan punya pasal.]

La Boheme.
[Ikut arah jam dari atas. Tat telur, Cheese Stick, Cheese Twist dan Spicy Chicken Floss
= untuk sarapan pagi esok kerana dikhuatiri kafe ZC masih belum dibuka pada esoknya]

Sekarang, tengah berusaha nak habiskan popiah kesukaan F. 1 jam, 1 potong.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kenny Rogers 2012 Movie Online Contest

[click on the pic to join. N-O-W!!]

This time, it goes for the world's greatest chicken, with less fat, less salt and lest calories.
What else, it's Kenny Rogers.
Mentioning the name alone, makes my saliva dripping here. LOL.
Here is a chance for you to Kenny's Meal Vouchers
and some exclusive 2012 merchandise.

What are the rules??

Well, basically, you must be 18 and above to participate.
As simple as that.

Answer 3 easy questions.

Fill in the slogan
"I love to dine in Kenny Rogers ROASTERS because..."
[10 words or less, okay?!]

Fill in the contest entry form and click 'Submit'.

That's all.

I've told ya, it's easy, maa!!

FImin says:
Inside me, there's evil whispering,
WTH are you doing sharing this contest with everyone??!!
You'll minimise your chance of winning!!

Well, 'sharing is caring', ayte?

The Storm Warriors - GSC-EON Contest

Evil warlord Lord Godless desired to conquer China. He imprisoned a large number of martial artists and tried to make them subjugate. Among the prisoners were Cloud and the martial arts elder statesman Nameless. Wind came to the rescue. The trio was badly wounded by Lord Godless’s evil martial arts attack. Chu Chu was also knocked out when she blocked Cloud from Lord Godless’s strike. The remaining martial artists sacrificed their lives to save the trio, in the hope that the trio would beat Lord Godless one day and save the country.

Chu Chu was badly wounded and stayed unconscious. Cloud was filled with remorse and vowed to take revenge. Wind chose to take the evil way to quickly boost up his martial arts skills, so that he could protect the people. During his training, he met the girl who changed his life, Dream. Meanwhile, the troop of Lord Godless came to attack. Wind’s training was interrupted when he tried to save Dream from Lord Godless’s assault. After some killings, Wind ran away and disappeared…

Lord Godless took The Emperor in captivity and stationed his troops in Heaven Cave. Cloud arrived alone and started a combat with Lord Godless. Lord Godless had the upper hand. In the meantime, the half-evil Wind appeared and joined the battle. During the fight, they inadvertently discovered the secret of the sovereign.

The real intention of Lord Godless’s invasion was related to an ancient tomb, a forbidden ground buried with the Royal family’s secret. The truth was finally revealed. At last, how would the battle end? Who would eventually rule over the country?

Okay, people!! To those who love action-packed movie, with the kungfu actions, here it comes. THE STORM WARRIORS!!

Well, GSC-EON Bank is giving out the exclusive giveaways for you to win. Here's the catch.


All you need, is just to answer 3 questions and no slogans needed!!


Post and entry on what would you do if you're a Storm Warrior. Make it as creative as possible and don't forget to post your pic, too, acting as a Storm Warrior, in the most unique way.


Here, you must record yourself/selves, performing interesting actions of as
the Storm Warrior/s. Upload it on YouTube.

So, why wait??

Click THE STORM WARRIORS NOW to get started!!

An Evening with TVXQ! by Sayang_DBSK

Click Sayang_DBSK
for more info.

I might be going
since it'll be held
on Sunday.
But I'm yet giving my name.
Anyone else coming??


Thursday, November 12, 2009

AKTF SayangDBSK : Dance Flash Mob

This event was on 07th of November, 2009, last Saturday. How I wished I were there!! Being held at Suria KLCC[which the PROGRESSION performed MIROTIC] and Bukit Bintang [by the AKTF SayangDBSK members], I regretted for not being there, to support them, or to watch, for the least. They were awesome!! Especially the guy who dressed and danced as Jaejoong. Boy, was I wrong. He's drop-dead gorgeous, I say. With the outfit, and his arm muscles, resembled Jaejoong so much. Oh, he's in the first vid, in the black tank.

Kudos to Malaysia Cassiopeians!! Never expect that we actually DO have fanboys, too!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is For You, My Dear..

She has been always whining on how both of us should blog about each other. This goes for you, my dear roomie, Zaty.

This entry is posted since I'm so touched, on how grateful you are to know me, in your post. FYI, me, either.

Thanks a lot for keeping up with my ridiculous behaviour and such.

Yesterday, that was so sweet of you.

Selasa malam.

Saya : Awak[panggilan ini digunakan apabila aku nak mengada-ngada]..saya rasa tiba2 macam jauh hatila. Tak tahulah kenapa tiba-tiba rasa cam ni.

Dia : Jauh hati?? Ngan sape?? Macam tau ja ngan sapa ang jauh hati.

Saya : Erm, xpela..nak gi toilet jap. [bukan nak mengelak, tapi memang masa tu jugak la nak pergi tandas. Jadi, perbualan kami terhenti begitu saje tanpa sape2 rase cam nak sambung]

See..she knew me too well to even know with whom I'd had hard feelings. LOL.

Thanks, yeah, Zaty sayang!!

Even it was just a very short conversation, but I really appreciated it. And I still am.

So, my dear, knowing you're always be there for me, just remember ONE thing, for me, too, will be there anytime,anywhere for you.

Don't be sad..

Knowing that we can always count on each other.

#MUSIC :- That's What Friends Are For - can't remember who sings this.

Oh, My Dear Lemon Detox Diet!!

Oh, please!! I'm not currently on this kind of diet. Later, maybe?? LOL

Well, that's my topic for my term paper of English for Academic Purposes. Just a week ago, I was confident enough to do this topic, but right now, I start to feel that something's just not right and the topic is just not for me.


Why must this happen now?? Not before?? Happens when it's just tomorrow, the final day to send in my topic for confirmation.

I'm so stressful!!

Interested to know more??

Here are some useful links.

I'll give both good and bad sides for you to judge.

Or maybe to practise this type of diet.

Out of four my printed Internet researches that were shown to my lecturer this morning, only one was approved. I repeat, O.N.E.!!!

But, it didn't piss me off at all, and no way I'd get mad to my lecturer [well, because she's so nice, I say]. And it's also not a reason why I was thinking to change my topic. Nothing at all to do with the rejection of the Internet sources.

It's ME!! Aiyaah!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kisah Ini 1

Tahukah kamu, Afiqah ini punya perasaan??
Tahu pedihnya apabila dinafikan kehadirannya??
Tahu erti rajuk apabila sering diketepikan??
Tahu betapa terluka apabila dipandang sepi??

Hanya kerana Afiqah ini sering berlagak gagah, kuat,
maka Afiqah ini tidak kisah jika dipergunakan sesuka hati,
dipermainkan senantiasa??

Hanya kerana Afiqah ini sedaya-upaya tidak menolak permintaan teman,
dan sering berkata, ''Tak mengapa, kawan punya pasal, aku tak kisah'',
maka perlukah aku diperkotak-katikkan??

Oh, tidak..
Jadi, apa?
Cukup untuk aku mengatakan bahawa aku hanya jauh hati.
Jauh hati..

Betapa aku melanggar prinsip 'kehipokritan' itu demi menjaga berkeping-keping hati.
Mulut mungkin berkata-kata manis, tetapi gelora di hati, siapa nan tahu.
Terkadang, aku diamkan sahaja kata-kata kamu yang menghiris hati ini.
Diam, kerana tidak ingin perkara yang kamu, dan mungkin aku, anggap remeh itu dipanjang-panjangkan.
Biar hati menangis penuh sayu, jangan sampai hebah.
Biar aku sahaja yang rebah dalam mencari erti hidup sebenar.
Sehingga dapatku kumpul kekuatan diri, untuk terus merempuh onak dan duri kehidupan dunia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Selamat Berjaya, Teman-teman

Buat teman-teman yang sedang/masih/akan menjalani peperiksaan, sedikit bingkisan buat kalian, walau di mana-mana jua kamu berada.

Pesanan tulus ikhlas ini dibawakan oleh..
Nur Afiqah Mustafpa..
Petaling Jaya..

I've Started A Collection

Dear, oh dear.

Yesterday, I went to Berjaya Times Square, all by myself, [I was kind of brave and confident enough, with some determination] taking the Metro to KL Monorail, opposite to KL Sentral and a trip in the monorail, way to Imbi.

Well, going there to pick my ordered stuffs from weeks ago, from MYStar, where all your K-Pop and J-pop stuffs you need are there. Name it. The auntie knows everything so well, that I didn't expect someone, that's quite elderly know all these stuffs. And, she is!! Amazing, right??! It is at Level 5, like you don't know where it is. I'm sure, you do.

I'd taken some pics, but I'm yet to upload because I think those pics need editing, like seriously.

Oh, because I bought the stuffs, right away more than RM???, I got a Super Member card. Well, it'll last for a year, when in the next few months, I will no longer be around KL. SO?? I'll find a way soon. Or maybe later.

So, my collection started with:

All About 東方神起 Season 3

The Secret Code
Final in Tokyo Dome 2009

I know, some would say, what's the BIG FUSS of having just two?? Well, hey, don't you read the post title?? And I can say that I'm still a newbie-in-this-fangirlism, to be compared from the others.

FImin says:
In happy mode??!!


Salam 'alayk.

Dua hari lepas, digerakkan hati dan perasaan oleh Allah S.W.T. untuk menjenguk Yahoo!Mail. F tidak punya Yahoo!Messenger kerana:
1) ada masalah connection oleh Celcom Broadband tersayang
2) apabila ada connection stabilizer, tapi malas nak muat turun, sebab local disks sudah pun sarat dengan macam2.

Oh, berbalik kepada kisah dalam Yahoo!Mail. F hanya chat dengan teman2 melalui Yahoo!Chat hanya apabila F menukar status invisible kepada available. Itu pun, setelah sekian lama mendiamkan diri, bersembunyi di sebalik bayang2 sendiri. Ada sebabnya atas tindakan yang sedemikian. Maka, dengan takdir Allah, F dapat berhubung dengan seorang teman yang sudah pun berada di United Kingdom, dalam bidang Ekonomi. Subhanallah, sudah rezeki teman itu.

Zafirah bt Adrus.

Mula mengenalinya sewaktu ke kursus 2 tahun lepas. Menjadi teman sebilik yang sangatlah kecoh, yang pernah ditemui.

Maaf, sudah malas bercerita kisah lama.

Terputus hubungan seketika dengan dirinya yang digelar Zac, akibat salah diri ini. Maaf ya, Zac, aku terlalu sibuk. [Ah, alasan semata-mata!!]

Kami bertukar-tukar cerita tentang perihal diri masing2. Baru kutahu, hati kerasnya itu sudah pun dimiliki. Terlalu banyak perkara yang di'merapu'kan dalam chat kami itu. Cukup setakat itu sahaja F bercerita. Biarlah intipati perbualan kami yang selainnya, menjadi rahsia manis untuk kami kenangkan. Tika di Malaysia ini hampir tengah malam, di sana, masanya baru menghampiri 'Asar. Itu kata Zac.

Rindu sungguh F untuk bertemu Zac. Kerana Zac sentiasa punya buah fikiran untuk memeriahkan suasana dalam perbualan kami. Terima kasih, Zac!!

FImin says:
Thanks a bunch, my dear Zac.
You made my day, yeah, here was midnight, but there, was day, acceptable, maybe.
Sorry, too much nonsenses.