Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet My New Friends..

..they are called ''The Books''..

This morning, was my first time entering Physics 2 and Chemistry 3 classes. Starting with Physics 2 at 9 in the morning, I'd arrive just 5 minutes before the class started, since I'd rushed to the library to meet them in the above. The lecturer was not Br. Omar Sharif as I thought [since his staff no. was in my schedule], but Br. Wan Syahrum instead. Well, all I could say, he was waaaay cooler to be thought as a lecturer. LOL. All in all, it's not about the lecturer, it's about me. I felt so left out, being away and separated from my old classmates, well, we'd been together since Semester 1, Year 1.

But, good news by the evening. Zaty and her friend, Syamimah changed to my group. Yeay me!!! At least, my own roomate is also my classmate, so it'll get easier to discuss, and for the least, to have someone I know to accompany me. It's not that I know nobody, there were Solehah, Syuk, Afzan and more..but, you know, being classmates to them, was really my first time. Gosh, this group really works hard, way to be compared to me myself.

Chemistry 3 was not bad, I say, as I got to sit next to Kak [she's my former schoolmate]. So, no problem so far. And Br. Azmi's notes really helped, eventhough I was a first-timer in the class.

I do believe, that being away from my old friends, benefit me in knowing others for better. I just pray for the best.

FImin says:
Currently, having a full mug of Nestle Omega milk.
It's almost 12, gotta sleep, because I'll have EAP at 8, Chem.3 at 10 and Library Skills Tour at 11 tomorrow.
And I'm thinking, sometimes, I can be good in annoying people to death, or at least, to boredom. *out of topic*

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