Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is A Confession

Bigeast Station 2009
credit to Murasaki-Hashidol

Arena 37 Magazine Photoshoot
credit to Murasaki-Hashidol

Can't remember this one
credit to Murasaki-Hashidol

credit to Murasaki-Hashidol

credit to Ichigo

People, I present to you..

Shim 'Max' Changmin

FImin says:

My eyecandies..mwahahaha..since I don't have to rush for tarawikh prayer *giggle*.
Doing this out of boredom.
Just for fun.
For more images, please do kindly visit these sites:


Ichigo [don't know why, but have some troubles to visit this site, or maybe is it my Internet connection??]

TVXQ Images

or you want to make it easier, just Yahoo! or Google for their images.


I will always KEEP the FAITH..

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