Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanks To All CFSians!!!

Alhamdulillah, eventhough the number of donors of didn't reach our target of 120 donors per day, still we're ALL proud of those CFSians, who managed to come through their fear of syringe, to help those in need.

Day 1 : 60/73

Day 2 : 105/134

Day 3 : 97/119

Day 4 : 47/85

The number for the last day was quite surprising, because, from our experiences before, the number of donors was the highest on the last day of the event. We concluded that there were some problems that stopped those from donating :

1) the class schedule is full on Thursday

2) some who registered were rejected because of influenza symptoms; flu, light fever, cough etc

3) not enough iron [ferum] in the blood

4) weighed less than 45kg

5) not enough sleep

6) took some medications withing a week

Anyhow, congratulations to the RCC committees and donors who made the event a success, I would say. To those who didn't make to donate your blood, I admire your courage to get through, even though you didn't donate. Thanks a million!!!

FImin says:
I donated my blood on Tuesday, 11082009, together with Dayah. It's so much fun doing this thing with your friend. LOL.

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chipsmore said...

oo...ramai gak ye yg derma darah....bagus2x ;)