Tuesday, August 4, 2009


16/07 -26/07/2009

1. Apologies to those who came to read my blog, but found nothing. I'd been in hiatus, keeping myself private during the mid-break.

2. Welcome to the blogwalkers, silent readers and ALL.

3. At home, I did nothing but ate. Never stopped until my opah started to whine at me. LOL. And I cooked everything that came to my eyes and ate them happily and heartily.

4. Mid-sem exams were after the hols, but I only studied at the night before I departed to KL. 2 chapters in one night.

27/07 - 01/08/09
5. I'd stressed myself after the break, to cover back all my studies for the exams. And no more healthy diets. Losing appetite during that one week of exams.

6. Exams were tough. Biology 3, Mathematics 2, Chemistry 2 and Understanding in Islam.

01/08- now

7. Been to PC Fair for two days in a row.

Day 1 - a light blue optical mouse, a headphone, a 250GB external hard disk, a cleaning kit

Day 2 - a small, white speaker

8. The new hard disk had some trouble to be connected to my lappy, it was not detected at the My Computer. So, that was the reason I went back to the PC Fair for the 2nd time. But that guy who sold me that seemed to refuse to help me that much.

9. A friend advised me to get it to Alil 'Al. After so much troubles, and the guy who helped me to repair my hard disk, finally my hard disk could be used. And there flew my new RM50 note. But it's more than worthy.

10. Got Maths 2 quiz [chapter 3] and Chemistry [chapter 4], both on this Thursday, 06/08/09.

11. H1N1 is worsening, days by days. Some of us, including me, have even started to wear the disposable masks, provided by the IIUM clinic.

12. I'm currently blogging, doing notes, hungry and got headache.

Till then..

FImin says:
So immersed with Lee Dong Wook [My Girl] and Kim Hyun Joo [Jun Pyo's noona in BOF]'s new drama, The Partner. I catch up with new episodes at MySoju. Such a good quality. Gonna to download the drama, later.

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