Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comey's gone..forever..

I planned to upload pics of things I bought last weekend and Fun for Fitness activity last night, tonight. But, I felt so weak to do those.

A bad news.

A sad news.

My dear cat, Comey, died this afternoon [I wasn't sure enough the time of his death, but since I received the text message from my dad this afternoon, so I just assumed it happened at that time]. Waited no longer to break down. Felt helpless. Totally helpless. I just couldn't talk. Couldn't utter, even a word. It was..just..so HARD.

Comey had been with me eversince he was born. It was about 3 to 4 years ago. Watching him from a baby, till he's now an adult, had always been the most amazing time ever in my life.

'Just when I thought the world was against me, you just stayed with me. Now, you're gone, I felt like losing half of me. Rest in peace, my love. You're always in my heart, my mind and my soul.'

That's my current status at my FB. What else could I say?? Some people would never understand my feelings. Some would ever say, 'He's just a cat..'

But, he's more than that.

Going home, would never be the same, where my eyes would search for him first, my voice, calling for him. There's no more. NO MORE...

I won't be hearing his voice, begging for me to feed him, which at the same time, his blue eyes exchanged an innocent look with me. NO MORE.

I could never hug him like I used to, until he struggled himself to escape from my tight embrace. NO MORE.

I would never be able to watch him asleep, so calm and peaceful. NO MORE.

I could no longer hear his voice in the telephone, when Adik put him on the phone, like before. NO MORE.

I would never feel so eager to feed him anymore, because now, he's gone. Forever.

There's no more time for me to watch Iwan play with him until to one point he would become tired and lazy, that he put his head on the floor. NO MORE.

I guess, that's all for now.


I need some distractions.

I need to move on.

My life has to go on.



am I strong enough???

Tears just kept coming out, every time I was alone, reminiscing all the memories..with him..


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