Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comey's gone..forever..

I planned to upload pics of things I bought last weekend and Fun for Fitness activity last night, tonight. But, I felt so weak to do those.

A bad news.

A sad news.

My dear cat, Comey, died this afternoon [I wasn't sure enough the time of his death, but since I received the text message from my dad this afternoon, so I just assumed it happened at that time]. Waited no longer to break down. Felt helpless. Totally helpless. I just couldn't talk. Couldn't utter, even a word. It was..just..so HARD.

Comey had been with me eversince he was born. It was about 3 to 4 years ago. Watching him from a baby, till he's now an adult, had always been the most amazing time ever in my life.

'Just when I thought the world was against me, you just stayed with me. Now, you're gone, I felt like losing half of me. Rest in peace, my love. You're always in my heart, my mind and my soul.'

That's my current status at my FB. What else could I say?? Some people would never understand my feelings. Some would ever say, 'He's just a cat..'

But, he's more than that.

Going home, would never be the same, where my eyes would search for him first, my voice, calling for him. There's no more. NO MORE...

I won't be hearing his voice, begging for me to feed him, which at the same time, his blue eyes exchanged an innocent look with me. NO MORE.

I could never hug him like I used to, until he struggled himself to escape from my tight embrace. NO MORE.

I would never be able to watch him asleep, so calm and peaceful. NO MORE.

I could no longer hear his voice in the telephone, when Adik put him on the phone, like before. NO MORE.

I would never feel so eager to feed him anymore, because now, he's gone. Forever.

There's no more time for me to watch Iwan play with him until to one point he would become tired and lazy, that he put his head on the floor. NO MORE.

I guess, that's all for now.


I need some distractions.

I need to move on.

My life has to go on.



am I strong enough???

Tears just kept coming out, every time I was alone, reminiscing all the memories..with him..


People, BEWARE!!!!

I copied and pasted this from Mirul. Read, please!!!

A collection of cases......


Someone shares the following cases :

(1) Today i passed by a building which has an ATM machine...
There was an old man looking at me.. suddenly called me.
He said he didn't know how to read, so he gave me his ATM card and
asked me to help him withdraw money from the ATM machine.
I answered 'NO!! If you need help, ask the security to help you

'Then he said 'nevermind.. ' and continued to find other people to help him....
REMEMBER : ATM machines have CCTVs.

If you help him he will later claim that you have robbed him or stolen his ATM card.
Besides,his ATM card could be a stolen one.

So please be careful of these frauds.

(2) Suddenly your house lights go off.
>From your window you find that! your neighbors still have lights.
So you go out of your house to check the Meter Box.
But once you open the door, a knife will be pointing at you and preventing you from closing it.
This is when you will be robbed and injured robbed and injured
REMEMBER : Even though your electricity suddenly goes off, DO NOT open
your door immediately.
Look around to see if there is anything unusual or if there is any noise around.

(3) This is another incident..
You may have heard it before, It just about a lady who she saw a kid crying by the roadside.

When she spoke to the kid, the kid told her he was lost and wanted her to take him home.
The kid even gave her a paper with his house address.
So she took him home. But when she rang the door bell she had an electric shock.
Later when she woke up, she was naked in an empty room.
REMEMBER : Being such a compassionate and helpful person
might not be a good thing these days.
Pass this on and girls, please be careful...

(4) One day, there was an old lady outside my house holding 2 packets of sweets.
At first I thought she was our neighbor and wanted to give us these packs of sweets as a gift..
But then when she spoke, I can realized that she is a foreigner.
I could not understand what she was talking about.
I guessed she must be asking for money.

I sensed there was something wrong and immediately closed the door and ignored her.
Later, I found she with an accomplice robbed someone else down the road

(5) I was at the ATM machine to withdraw some money.
Behind me, there was an old lady.
She asked me whether I was able to withdraw my money because
she said she had problem with her machine.
Suddenly a small girl came up beside me.
The small girl was squeezing in front of me.
I thought she was just naughty and playful.
But then, the small girl put her hand at the hole of my ATM machine
where the money comes out, ready to take away my money.
I sensed something wrong and immediately pushes her away.
Later I realized that the small girl and the old lady worked together.
She was trying to steal my money while the old lady was trying to
distract my attention by asking me questions!!
REMEMBER: BE VERY CAREFUL when you are at an ATM
machine and be alert. Look out for anyone suspicious around you

(6) My parents are retired and stay at home most days.
One afternoon, a young stranger went to their house and said his motorcycle
had no more petrol and the petrol station was too far for him to push his bike there.

So he asked my parents for an empty coke bottle to buy some petrol.
He said he will pay RM2 for the bottle.
So my mum took one coke bottle for him.
He really took out the money from his pocket, but it was a RM 100 note.
He told my mum he had no small change and asked my mum to give him the change.

Luckily my mum was smart.. She just told him to take it for free.
REMEMBER : obviously that note is fake!! Who would want to pay for RM2 for
an empty coke bottle!! It's very OBVIOUS that that stranger is a trickster.

(7) this happened in Bali .
A newly married couple
were having their honeymoon at the hotel.

When both are in the changing room, the wife suddenly went missing.
The husband was very anxious and went around to find her..
He asked the hotel staff to help him find her.
Then he thought his wife was just playing hide and seek.
So he went back and waited for his wife.
After a few hours, he decided to call the police.
3 weeks passed and there was still no news about his missing wife.
So he went back and was very dissapointed and sad.
A few years later, he came back to Bali , to watch a 'FREAK SHOW' in an old house.
He saw a dirty and rusty metal cage.
Inside there was a lady without limbs
Her body including the face was full of scars.
When he had a closer look at her face, he was shocked to
find that it was her missing wife put there as a means for begging.

(8) This happened in Shanghai .
A few yeas ago, a lady reported to the police that her cousin sister
was missing in the shopping complex
But after 5 years, one of her friends found her cousin sister begging

at one of the road side in Bangkok , Thailand .
The worst thing is that her cousin sister has no more limbs and
her body was tied to a lamp post with a shackle (metal chain).

(9) Let's just shorten this story.

DO NOT open your house door when you hear the sound of a BABY CRYING!!
It might be a trap! Women in the house must be alert to this trick.
The police said it is the work of a robber or murderer using the
recording of a baby crying to attract your attention.
This normally happens at night and when you are only alone in
the house
be especially.

(10) I read an email that was sent by my friend.
Her friend, known as A, went to Lo Hu Commercial City with 2 friends, B and C.
Lo Hu Commercial City is the Shenzhen counterfeit goods distribution center.
There are many people there.
It's also near to the Shenzhen train station and Hong Kong 's Lo Hu Port.

C went to the toilet at the shopping center while A and B waited outside.
After waiting for a long while, they felt uneasy and went into the toilet to look for her.
When they went in, there were nobody inside there.
Both were very frightened and they called C's phone..

There was no one answered. So they reported to the police.
The police asked them whether they had seen anybody suspicious going into the toilet.
Both said there were none and its impossible to bring a life person
out of the toilet without them noticing! ..
Then A remembered seeing a cleaner pushing a trolley in, and then coming out.
The police told them that was not the 1st time such a thing happened.
The police suspected a gang of criminals who were always
attacking women in the the toilet of shopping complexes.
They use cleaners to kidnap people to harvest their organs for sale.

REMEMBER : please be careful when using the toilet. Do not go to the wash
room or toilet ALONE!! Please at least have a partner with you.

FImin says:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanks To All CFSians!!!

Alhamdulillah, eventhough the number of donors of didn't reach our target of 120 donors per day, still we're ALL proud of those CFSians, who managed to come through their fear of syringe, to help those in need.

Day 1 : 60/73

Day 2 : 105/134

Day 3 : 97/119

Day 4 : 47/85

The number for the last day was quite surprising, because, from our experiences before, the number of donors was the highest on the last day of the event. We concluded that there were some problems that stopped those from donating :

1) the class schedule is full on Thursday

2) some who registered were rejected because of influenza symptoms; flu, light fever, cough etc

3) not enough iron [ferum] in the blood

4) weighed less than 45kg

5) not enough sleep

6) took some medications withing a week

Anyhow, congratulations to the RCC committees and donors who made the event a success, I would say. To those who didn't make to donate your blood, I admire your courage to get through, even though you didn't donate. Thanks a million!!!

FImin says:
I donated my blood on Tuesday, 11082009, together with Dayah. It's so much fun doing this thing with your friend. LOL.

What A Stressful Life

It had been stressful lately, and it still HAS now.

First week after mid break [27/07-02/08/2009] : an exam week

Second week [03-09/08/2009] : a week, full of unfinished tutorials and reports, plus the sudden quizzes. And the best part of all, the LEADTRAIN.

Third week [10-16/08/2009] : Blood donation programme, and exam results.

Those in above had caused me a very heavy headache, and unbelievably, more sleeps. I slept more than I had to, because I thought, only by that way, my headache and stress would go away. I had been tired lately. And busy,too. Again, my so-called healthy diet went to nowhere since I had been involved in lots of things. Served me right.

I'm switching off the English part.

Oh, aku sangat2 la penat sejak dua menjak ni. Badan dah mula rasa tak boleh berfungsi sangat. Otak pun turut sama menerima tempias kepenatan tubuh aku. Penat dan sibuk. Ditambah pula dengan keputusan peperiksaan yang agak teruk untuk Kimia 2, tekanan semakin bertambah. Perlu lagi kuat berusaha.

Aku semakin tertekan apabila ada pihak yang mempersendakan tugasan aku untuk aktiviti menderma darah.

Tempat : Ruang menonton tv, tingkat 2, ZC.

si dia : Muka fikah nampak penatla.

aku : A'ah. Baru balik AMF. Duty 'tuk derma darah. N kena kemas skali coz mlm ni ade event.

si dia : Tu la, sape soh join blood donation sgt??

aku : [u say what???!!! tp lm ati ja. xske nk cri gadoh ngan org. aku trus tukar topik]

sebenarnya, aku cakap pasal blood donation tu, bukan niat nak mengeluh pun, saja rasa nak bagi tau, yg blood donation ni byk keje gak. p, how could she say those things?? kami rcc ni, bkn skdr menyemak kt kaunter dftr je. byk lg keje dak2 rcc kene wt.

Ah, stres2..

Habis blog aku bersepah dengan rojak dah. Haisyh...

Back to English.

Anyhow, I want to thank to those who trust me with everything. Moon, she said, because I'm a friend, that's why she trusts me more than others. I was touched. Same went to Atiq. She trusted me to be in-charge on financial things, like she said, I didn't know who else to turn to, except you. Again, I was touched. But my advice, don't put too much trust and hopes on me. I'm just a human. Just A Human.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blood Donation Programme

my design
[krie didn't give me a copy of his
-well, we have two types of posters]

Salam sejahtera. Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah, CFS IIUM, PJ, dengan kerjasama Pusat Darah Negara akan menganjurkan Program Menderma Darah. [skema la ayat..skrg ni sgt mls nk menaip dlm english..maaf ye..]

Program seumpama ini yang dijalankan pada setiap semester, bertujuan untuk membantu mereka yang memerlukan.

Maklumat program adalah seperti yang berikut:

Hari : Isnin - Khamis

Tarikh : 10 - 13 Ogos 2009

Masa : 9.00 pagi - 5.00 petang.

Tempat : Dewan al-Malik Faisal

Syarat2 menderma :

1) Berat melebihi 45kg

2) Tidur secukupnya, 5-6jam

3) Tidak mengambil sebarang ubat-ubatan atau antibiotik dalam tempoh seminggu

4) Tidak mengalami haid

5) Berumur 18 tahun dan ke atas [mereka yang masih belum mencapai 18tahun, anda dinasihatkan mendapat kebenaran ibu bapa atau fellow atau mahallah principal]

Jadi, jangan sia-siakan peluang keemasan ini untuk membantu seadanya. Anda digalakkan membawa dan mengajak rakan2 anda seramai yang mungkin.

untuk pengetahuan, pelajar2 CFS ini merupakan penderma kedua yang terbanyak di antara IPT pada tahun 2008. JAdilah salah seorang penderma darahh. Pengalaman yang dialami boleh diceritakan kepada ahli2 keluarga atau mungkin kepada anak2 cucu anda pada masa hadapan.

"Together we can save lives..Join the lifesavers!!"

"Come as a donor, leave as a friend"

Fimin says:
I am the Assistant Head of Publication and Information of Blood Donation Programme. Krie is the head. huhu. Gonna be very busy next week. Would love to donate for the second time, after my first in the first semester of first year [notice lots of 'first's]. Join ya?!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


16/07 -26/07/2009

1. Apologies to those who came to read my blog, but found nothing. I'd been in hiatus, keeping myself private during the mid-break.

2. Welcome to the blogwalkers, silent readers and ALL.

3. At home, I did nothing but ate. Never stopped until my opah started to whine at me. LOL. And I cooked everything that came to my eyes and ate them happily and heartily.

4. Mid-sem exams were after the hols, but I only studied at the night before I departed to KL. 2 chapters in one night.

27/07 - 01/08/09
5. I'd stressed myself after the break, to cover back all my studies for the exams. And no more healthy diets. Losing appetite during that one week of exams.

6. Exams were tough. Biology 3, Mathematics 2, Chemistry 2 and Understanding in Islam.

01/08- now

7. Been to PC Fair for two days in a row.

Day 1 - a light blue optical mouse, a headphone, a 250GB external hard disk, a cleaning kit

Day 2 - a small, white speaker

8. The new hard disk had some trouble to be connected to my lappy, it was not detected at the My Computer. So, that was the reason I went back to the PC Fair for the 2nd time. But that guy who sold me that seemed to refuse to help me that much.

9. A friend advised me to get it to Alil 'Al. After so much troubles, and the guy who helped me to repair my hard disk, finally my hard disk could be used. And there flew my new RM50 note. But it's more than worthy.

10. Got Maths 2 quiz [chapter 3] and Chemistry [chapter 4], both on this Thursday, 06/08/09.

11. H1N1 is worsening, days by days. Some of us, including me, have even started to wear the disposable masks, provided by the IIUM clinic.

12. I'm currently blogging, doing notes, hungry and got headache.

Till then..

FImin says:
So immersed with Lee Dong Wook [My Girl] and Kim Hyun Joo [Jun Pyo's noona in BOF]'s new drama, The Partner. I catch up with new episodes at MySoju. Such a good quality. Gonna to download the drama, later.