Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's A Shopping Date

Again, after a tiring outing day with the 3, this time, Zaty and Wa, as my companies to the Mid Valley Megamall. We went there after Zuhur prayer, so you could never expect us to get back earlier to CFS.


Well, Wa got lots of clothes for her siblings, being such a responsible older sister she was. And she IS. Same went to Zaty, her sister's lucky enough to get a new sleeping dress. Haha. It sounded weird calling things, like ''sleeping dress''. My bad.

Me?? I got adik[my lil sis] a shirt. I didn't know much how to call it, but I guessed, it's a shirt. Whatever. And a blue hooded apparel for me. It's short sleeves, so I had to get something, long-sleeved, to be worn with it later, when I got back home.

The three of us got ourselves cute Hamtaro soft toys, each costed RM12.90.
Mine - Didi.
Wa - Bubu.
Zaty - Cici.


Angah's request for Kozier's Fundamentals Nursing, was turned down, because it was currently not available in MV's MPH bookstore. It would make a hard time for her, at least for now, because she really needed [and still needs] the book for her studies.

So was Iwan's Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen dvd. It would not be available until next year.
I guess I have to story-tell him, from A to Z, on the movie, since I have already watched it with Zaty.
[Zaty did post an entry on our Transformers' outing day, click here]

Not much pics were taken during this outing.

FImin says:
Got myself the original Tohoshinki 3rd Live Tour 2008 ~T~ blu-ray disc and Tohoshinki TSC dvd+cd[it's not as same as LB's], both for RM50. Those made into my very first collection of DBSK's. Could never blame me, dear, I am a late fan. LOL.
Millions of thanks to Ina and the Tohoshinki freak aka Ina's roomate, Syuq[this girl got everything, all the vids, downloaded during last semester break].

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