Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday, Bro

Heroes of the house
Iwan and Abah
[eidul fitr 2007]

Dear Iwan,
Muhammad Afiq Ridhwan b Mustafpa
My one and only brother,
Happy 14th birthday..
May Allah bless your life..
Be a good son, brother and grandson..

It has been a long time
since I'd said this..

But, still..
I would say it..

I love you..

Take care..

You'll always be
my lil bro..
my hero..

FImin says:
He is being demanding. His birthday wishlist is a Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen dvd. He won't let me to get home this mid-break as long as I don't get him that. THAT which he already bought at home, original one, but had some troubles. He went to change it, but the dvds were all sold out.
I wonder, has the dvd really been coming out already??


chipsmore said...

epy befday 2 him ;)

FImin said...

kakaknye sbg wakil..