Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Girls' Day Out


When 4 girls were together,

having their lunch,

at the Wendy's, on a Friday afternoon.

Muni and Wa

Dayah and Fikah

''Why are those people staring at us??'', thought Muni

Crazy is our middle name

Feel the raindrops, people..
They soothe you..

And who cares if you got fever later on..

We're planning to swim, but..

that's SO not a good idea,
when it's actually raining.

Muni, the daughter
Wa, the father
Dayah, the mother
Fikah, the son??!!

Into the Cold Storage.
Here, we go!!

Whose idea was that??

Didn't it look weird when they're just 3??

Everyone loves this,
but it's quite dark, right?
Blame the auto-flash.

You and I
That spells US

Wishing others were here, too

Welcome to Palm Square
You'll walk out with a full tummy
and holes in your pocket, too

Should we make a move,
back to CFS now, girls??

Oh,not yet, I guess..
A playground to hit..

10th of July, 09, 7.40p.m.

This time, there were me [yours truly], Dayah, Wa and Muni. We went to Wendy's, having the so-called lunch. We did capture some moments in there, but the photos were all currently with Dayah. So, I'd upload once I've gotten 'em all.

After wandering inside the Cold Storage, we went to walk around the Palm Square. Loads of pics were taken and be patient, those would be uploaded sooner or later.

Last but not least, a must-stop place for most of CFSians, like us, was the Secret Recipe. Muni got herself choc cheese cake and choc indulgence for her roomate, Wa also chose choc indulgence, while Dayah had choc strawberry. And yours truly got a slice of Vienna brownies after had been drooling all this while.

Vienna brownies
[chocolate brownies with
light supple cheese

FImin says:

Topped with semi-sweet chocolate chips, it tastes neither too sweet nor too bitter. Just great. I guess, this will make it to the top in my favourite list of Secret Recipe. Soft and yummy. A little sour taste of the cheese, really complements the chocolate brownies. Awesome!!

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