Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Being Random

1. Our FIM lecturer, Miss Khalida left. So, it makes a 4-hour class that needs to be replaced. And maybe, more hours to be added, if we don't get a new lecturer by next week. Oh, Miss, you'll be missed. And I'm so sure that you'll miss us, too, as we are your very first baby[-ies]. Can't wait to hear from Atiqah, the class representative, to tell us the words you've left for us. *sobs*

2. Last Monday night, had meeting with the Red Crescent Club [RCC] and was chosen to be the assistant to Khairi Syahmi aka krie, of Publication and Information for the upcoming Blood Donation Programme, scheduled to be on 3-6th of August, 2009, Insya-Allah..

3. And at the same night, needed to cover a chapter of Biology 3, DNA thingie, because had quiz on the next day.
And all of sudden, my head felt like to explode. Too much on DNA, ha??

4. This evening, supposed to go to the night market of Sec.17, when it rained. But, it's a good thing afterall, because had a chance to have dinner with the girls, with plenty of dishes, at the ZC cafeteria.

5. Watched the 2PM video, where they were practising on Hate You. Naughty guys, because they ended up playing around. Had fun watching it with Jay in her room.

6. Been worried the whole evening, whether TVXQ will be coming or not. The words "Keep on dreaming.." that Bullz told me weeks ago, kept echoing me.

7. Changed my lappy wallpaper from MIN to something else. But in just a couple hours later, changed it back to MIN. Too much craziness, I guess??

8. Iwan's birthday is on this coming Saturday. Should I get him anything, haa?? Afterall, he's my only brother I have.

9. Moon told me that there's a shop in Times Square, selling Korean and Japanese artistes' stuffs. And she got herself a keychain, with LeeTeuk's name written on it in Hangul.

10. I still don't finish my fourth Biology Lab 2 report, second and third Biology 3 tutorials and third Chemistry 2 tutorial. Not to mention, too, I have my very first quiz for Chemistry 2 [Chapter1,2] this Thursday and Biology 3 quiz on the short Chapter 3 by Friday morning.

That's all.

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