Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiada Tajuk Spesifik

Pada kala jam 3++ pagi ini, mata aku belum lagi rasa mengantuk. Mungkin akibat tidur siang tadi. Lebih parah apabila waktu tidurku sudah pun melampaui masa yang sepatutnya, maka tubuhku ini semakin susah untuk membenarkan aku untuk melelapkan mataku.

Cemburu aku pada teman sebilikku, yang sudah lama lena, menganyam mimpi2 indah. Sedang aku, masih lagi menatap pada komputer ribaku ini, menaip tiap2 baris entri pada pagi ini. Jam 3 pagi. Sunyi, tapi tidak bermakna kosong. Masih ada jua penghuni2 MZJ yang asyik bersengkang mata, memandangkan peperiksaan pertengahan semester semakin menjelang tiba.

Aku antara yang bakal memduduki peperiksaan itu jua, tetapi pada selepas cuti pertengahan semester yang bakal bermula seawal Khamis ini. Aku akan pulang jua, bersama teman2 menaiki penerbangan tambang murah Air Asia.

Kelas pada hari ini hanya akan bermula pada jam 10pagi. Maka, kesempatan ini aku gunakan untuk menyiapkan apa2 yang sepatutnya kerana hari2 akan datang pada minggu ini, sudah pun dipenuhi dengan pelbagai tarikh untuk kuiz bagi kebanyakan subjek yang aku pelajari.

Kuiz Kira2 2 pada pagi tadi, dijawab dengan penuh rasa ragu2 dan kurang yakin akibat kurangnya ulangkaji. Maka, kecuaian tidak dapat dielakkan. Aku berserah dengan rasa rendah diri. Salahku jua.

Dan pada siang tadi juga, kecoh dalam kalangan kami, masing2 sibuk menghantar sms, untuk apa ya?? Untuk mengetahui keputusan MUET yang sudah diumumkan. Syukur Alhamdulillah, keputusan aku cukup untuk melepasi kelayakan yang telah ditetapkan, walaupun aku kurang berpuas hati. Hai, itulah manusia, tidak pernah puas dengan apa2 yang dimilikinya.

Setakat di sini sahaja aku bercerita tentang yang apa2 ini. Masih perlu meneruskan perjuangan untuk berusaha melepasi mata 3.5 itu.

Perlu kuat. Oh, tidak. Lagi KUAT.

Selamat tidur, kawan2.

Moga2 kamu mimpi yang manis2 belaka.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Girls' Day Out


When 4 girls were together,

having their lunch,

at the Wendy's, on a Friday afternoon.

Muni and Wa

Dayah and Fikah

''Why are those people staring at us??'', thought Muni

Crazy is our middle name

Feel the raindrops, people..
They soothe you..

And who cares if you got fever later on..

We're planning to swim, but..

that's SO not a good idea,
when it's actually raining.

Muni, the daughter
Wa, the father
Dayah, the mother
Fikah, the son??!!

Into the Cold Storage.
Here, we go!!

Whose idea was that??

Didn't it look weird when they're just 3??

Everyone loves this,
but it's quite dark, right?
Blame the auto-flash.

You and I
That spells US

Wishing others were here, too

Welcome to Palm Square
You'll walk out with a full tummy
and holes in your pocket, too

Should we make a move,
back to CFS now, girls??

Oh,not yet, I guess..
A playground to hit..

10th of July, 09, 7.40p.m.

This time, there were me [yours truly], Dayah, Wa and Muni. We went to Wendy's, having the so-called lunch. We did capture some moments in there, but the photos were all currently with Dayah. So, I'd upload once I've gotten 'em all.

After wandering inside the Cold Storage, we went to walk around the Palm Square. Loads of pics were taken and be patient, those would be uploaded sooner or later.

Last but not least, a must-stop place for most of CFSians, like us, was the Secret Recipe. Muni got herself choc cheese cake and choc indulgence for her roomate, Wa also chose choc indulgence, while Dayah had choc strawberry. And yours truly got a slice of Vienna brownies after had been drooling all this while.

Vienna brownies
[chocolate brownies with
light supple cheese

FImin says:

Topped with semi-sweet chocolate chips, it tastes neither too sweet nor too bitter. Just great. I guess, this will make it to the top in my favourite list of Secret Recipe. Soft and yummy. A little sour taste of the cheese, really complements the chocolate brownies. Awesome!!

It's A Shopping Date

Again, after a tiring outing day with the 3, this time, Zaty and Wa, as my companies to the Mid Valley Megamall. We went there after Zuhur prayer, so you could never expect us to get back earlier to CFS.


Well, Wa got lots of clothes for her siblings, being such a responsible older sister she was. And she IS. Same went to Zaty, her sister's lucky enough to get a new sleeping dress. Haha. It sounded weird calling things, like ''sleeping dress''. My bad.

Me?? I got adik[my lil sis] a shirt. I didn't know much how to call it, but I guessed, it's a shirt. Whatever. And a blue hooded apparel for me. It's short sleeves, so I had to get something, long-sleeved, to be worn with it later, when I got back home.

The three of us got ourselves cute Hamtaro soft toys, each costed RM12.90.
Mine - Didi.
Wa - Bubu.
Zaty - Cici.


Angah's request for Kozier's Fundamentals Nursing, was turned down, because it was currently not available in MV's MPH bookstore. It would make a hard time for her, at least for now, because she really needed [and still needs] the book for her studies.

So was Iwan's Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen dvd. It would not be available until next year.
I guess I have to story-tell him, from A to Z, on the movie, since I have already watched it with Zaty.
[Zaty did post an entry on our Transformers' outing day, click here]

Not much pics were taken during this outing.

FImin says:
Got myself the original Tohoshinki 3rd Live Tour 2008 ~T~ blu-ray disc and Tohoshinki TSC dvd+cd[it's not as same as LB's], both for RM50. Those made into my very first collection of DBSK's. Could never blame me, dear, I am a late fan. LOL.
Millions of thanks to Ina and the Tohoshinki freak aka Ina's roomate, Syuq[this girl got everything, all the vids, downloaded during last semester break].

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday, Bro

Heroes of the house
Iwan and Abah
[eidul fitr 2007]

Dear Iwan,
Muhammad Afiq Ridhwan b Mustafpa
My one and only brother,
Happy 14th birthday..
May Allah bless your life..
Be a good son, brother and grandson..

It has been a long time
since I'd said this..

But, still..
I would say it..

I love you..

Take care..

You'll always be
my lil bro..
my hero..

FImin says:
He is being demanding. His birthday wishlist is a Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen dvd. He won't let me to get home this mid-break as long as I don't get him that. THAT which he already bought at home, original one, but had some troubles. He went to change it, but the dvds were all sold out.
I wonder, has the dvd really been coming out already??

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The COOLEST Dancing Inmates in The World!!!

I've known those guys since months ago, when I was browsing for the Big Bang and Wonder Girls' collaboration performance of Lies and Tell Me.

Oh, I've also put the Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, their version.

So, watch 'em out!!



credits to byronfgarcia for uploading these. [click on the link for MORE!!]

and not forgetting, tok kuchai..because he did put their video, too on his blog..and i was kinda inspired..LOL

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Being Random

1. Our FIM lecturer, Miss Khalida left. So, it makes a 4-hour class that needs to be replaced. And maybe, more hours to be added, if we don't get a new lecturer by next week. Oh, Miss, you'll be missed. And I'm so sure that you'll miss us, too, as we are your very first baby[-ies]. Can't wait to hear from Atiqah, the class representative, to tell us the words you've left for us. *sobs*

2. Last Monday night, had meeting with the Red Crescent Club [RCC] and was chosen to be the assistant to Khairi Syahmi aka krie, of Publication and Information for the upcoming Blood Donation Programme, scheduled to be on 3-6th of August, 2009, Insya-Allah..

3. And at the same night, needed to cover a chapter of Biology 3, DNA thingie, because had quiz on the next day.
And all of sudden, my head felt like to explode. Too much on DNA, ha??

4. This evening, supposed to go to the night market of Sec.17, when it rained. But, it's a good thing afterall, because had a chance to have dinner with the girls, with plenty of dishes, at the ZC cafeteria.

5. Watched the 2PM video, where they were practising on Hate You. Naughty guys, because they ended up playing around. Had fun watching it with Jay in her room.

6. Been worried the whole evening, whether TVXQ will be coming or not. The words "Keep on dreaming.." that Bullz told me weeks ago, kept echoing me.

7. Changed my lappy wallpaper from MIN to something else. But in just a couple hours later, changed it back to MIN. Too much craziness, I guess??

8. Iwan's birthday is on this coming Saturday. Should I get him anything, haa?? Afterall, he's my only brother I have.

9. Moon told me that there's a shop in Times Square, selling Korean and Japanese artistes' stuffs. And she got herself a keychain, with LeeTeuk's name written on it in Hangul.

10. I still don't finish my fourth Biology Lab 2 report, second and third Biology 3 tutorials and third Chemistry 2 tutorial. Not to mention, too, I have my very first quiz for Chemistry 2 [Chapter1,2] this Thursday and Biology 3 quiz on the short Chapter 3 by Friday morning.

That's all.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's A promise, I Promise..

[sequel from the post in my TUMBLR]

I promise I won't lose hopes and give up life.

No worries, nothing bad happens.

And I'm sure no one would ever bother to care.

It's just happened due to my so-called unstable emotional state and worst health condition.

But again, I'm fine.

p/s: fikah, remember, you always have HIM..Oh, Allah..I beg for your love...

no title..

sorry people..
i've been buzy and lazy lately..
i'm thinking of letting go the school's blog to a new and capable admin, who for now, is kam..
but we'll need more..

lately, i just update my fb and write my things on my tumblr site..
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i've been a bad girl..

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