Sunday, June 7, 2009


I was about to post this entry when I saw Mirol's latest entry with the same content. But, who cares, I still want to post this. And I believe, most bloggers do post this [or these??], especially those who own Facebook and are crazy with those apps!!

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::Ambitious and serious::

- I have lots of ambitions, from a doctor to a chef, a pharmacist to a girl who owns a bakery etc.. I'm not too serious actually, well, it's all depending on situations.

::Loves to teach and be taught::

- I'm not so fond of teaching, not that I hate it, it's simply because, I'm a bad, bad teacher. No kidding. To be taught, yup, I love it!

::Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses::

- I admit it, I always look for that. But I just keep that inside and take it as a lesson for myself. Well, I'm trying to lessen this. LOL

::Likes to criticize::

- I believe I'm not the sole critic in this world. The way I see something, is not probably the same as yours' or anyone's. Something may look bad at my sight, but not for others. I try to criticize in the softest way as I can. I wish..

::Hardworking and productive::

- I don't really know about this. I would say that, when I'm hardworking, I can be at the highest level of productivity. Especially, when it comes to something to do with baking. LOL

::Smart, neat and organized::

- I'm not that smart, neat and organized. My study table is a mess, bla, bla, bla. But in terms of saved things in my lappy, it's a big YES!! I organize every song according to the singers so that I can easily search for them when I need them.

::Sensitive and has deep thoughts::

- This is the most true of all. I am sensitive, and sometimes, I can be an over-sensitive person over the tiniest thing. Deep thoughts? I really think of anything, name it - family, friends, guys - so deeply sometimes, or should I say, most of the time..??

::Knows how to make others happy::

- I'm not so sure about this. You'd better ask my family members, friends or acquaintances.

::Quiet unless excited or tensed::

- Most of the time, YUP!!

::Rather reserved::

- I think, it's true.

::Highly attentive::

- I doubt this one. LOL

::Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds::

- I just can easily catch colds, especially when the weather keeps changing, hot to cool, cool to hot, until my body really adapts to that environment.

::Romantic but has difficulties expressing love::

- I laugh when I read this. I have no difficulty at all, expressing my love for ChangMin. LOL. Again, I think this is quite right. I have crushes on guys, but I will never be the one to start on everything. It's not that I CAN'T, I actually WON'T do it. I just express this special feeling of LOVE to those, who for sure, will love me back -family, my girls, teachers etc.

::Loves children::

- I say, "Really?". Wait till I get married and have my own children. LOL

::Homely person::

- TRUE!! When I'm at home, I spend my time to the most, doing everything I can't at the hostel. But, once I'm away, I just can't stop hanging around.


- Simply 'YES'!! I AM LOYAL. I can be devoted to this one person when I love him/her.

::Needs to improve social abilities::

- Yeah, I really should! Anyone to teach this?? LOL

::Easily jealous::

- Well, normal people have this feeling, right??

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nurain said...

hihi..being so in love with ourselves is maybe not the best, but still its a great thing to do before stepping to the real world!