Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'll Be Missing the Most Memorable Semester 3 [2008/2009]

Hey, people!! It has been almost a month or so, since my last entry right?? I'm now in my second year of foundation studies, of Semester 1. But still, memories from the short semester of 08/09, kept lingering in my mind. I really, REALLY, had a great time, enjoying myself in that semester. I did have fun, so much that I still laughed the funny things I'd done with all my girls. I almost forgot that I'm not taken [haha] because around me, I always had those girls, swarming around me, almost all the time.

Ah, I just love you girls so much that I can never put that into words. Thanks for being there even when I acted so annoyingly. You girls just accepted me into the circle with such an unconditional love.

I appreciate everything that you guys do, have done or did for me. I'll never forget that.

I missed those days and nights, where we had fun, chatted about our dream guys, have supper at the very2 late at night, did some birthday bash[es] and more and more.

Thanks for the LOVE.
Thanks for the WARMTH.
Thanks for the sweetest MEMORIES
Thanks for the most amazing FRIENDSHIP.

I just wish this would never end. Our FRIENDSHIP....would last forever. I know it sounds so lame and cliche, but I still want to say it loud and proud, I LOVE YOU GIRLS.


In memories..Semester 3 2008/2009.


and everyone who makes every day of my life shines at the brightest.

p/s: the list is not according to priority. i just type them. no hard feelings. i know you love me.

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