Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Baking Obsession

Remember my what-to-bake list??


chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes
blondies done!! [sem 3 0809 hols]

Did this almost every 2,3 days. First try, I still put the toppings. But later on, I realised that they made good plain cupcakes without the toppings. So, basically, this had become my first and foremost choice recipe of baking plain cupcakes.

cupcakes + chocolate buttercream
vanilla cupcakes + Swiss meringue peach buttercream frosting
red velvet cupcakes + cream cheese frosting
chocolate chip cupcakes + chocolate chip frosting
cupcakes + caramel buttercream
cupcakes + strawberry buttercream
cupcakes + peanut butter frosting
cookies and cream cupcakes done!! [sem 3 0809 hols]

I used Cream-O vanilla filling sandwiched cookies. Turned out to be kind of sweet. Perhaps it's because of the mixed ingredients granulated and castor sugar and the-already-sweet Cream-O.

strawberry country cake [planning to do this on angah's birthday] done on 21-22/05/2009!![sem 3 0809 hols]
This is the first layer, scrapped with icing cream
and layered with slices of strawberries.

Topped with the second layer.
With icing cream.

More strawberry slices on the top.

Angah's birthday cake's done!!
Oh, excuse the bad+ugly+shabby icing wiriting.
Hey, remember, I'm a beginner, okay?!

I'm sorry to say that I only took pics of strawberry country cake since I forgot to take others' pics. The cake was awesome, even I, myself had no chance to try, but the feedback was satisfying. Alhamdulillah. It was supposed to be matched with whisked cream, but my wrong technique caused some troubles to the cream, so I used icing cream instead, as advised by my mom. On a good side, it neutralized the sour taste of strawberries [well, we didn't get any Californian strawberries here, only Cameron Highlands'].

chocolate cream cheese pound cake
lemon cornmeal cake + lemon glaze
Denver chocolate pudding cake
chocolate chip bars
golden caramel cake
angel food cake
strawberry shortcake
peach cobbler failed on the first try, but successfully done on the day after[sem 3 0809 hols]

Can't wait to get home.

Can't waith to bake again.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I was about to post this entry when I saw Mirol's latest entry with the same content. But, who cares, I still want to post this. And I believe, most bloggers do post this [or these??], especially those who own Facebook and are crazy with those apps!!

click to see larger image
::Ambitious and serious::

- I have lots of ambitions, from a doctor to a chef, a pharmacist to a girl who owns a bakery etc.. I'm not too serious actually, well, it's all depending on situations.

::Loves to teach and be taught::

- I'm not so fond of teaching, not that I hate it, it's simply because, I'm a bad, bad teacher. No kidding. To be taught, yup, I love it!

::Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses::

- I admit it, I always look for that. But I just keep that inside and take it as a lesson for myself. Well, I'm trying to lessen this. LOL

::Likes to criticize::

- I believe I'm not the sole critic in this world. The way I see something, is not probably the same as yours' or anyone's. Something may look bad at my sight, but not for others. I try to criticize in the softest way as I can. I wish..

::Hardworking and productive::

- I don't really know about this. I would say that, when I'm hardworking, I can be at the highest level of productivity. Especially, when it comes to something to do with baking. LOL

::Smart, neat and organized::

- I'm not that smart, neat and organized. My study table is a mess, bla, bla, bla. But in terms of saved things in my lappy, it's a big YES!! I organize every song according to the singers so that I can easily search for them when I need them.

::Sensitive and has deep thoughts::

- This is the most true of all. I am sensitive, and sometimes, I can be an over-sensitive person over the tiniest thing. Deep thoughts? I really think of anything, name it - family, friends, guys - so deeply sometimes, or should I say, most of the time..??

::Knows how to make others happy::

- I'm not so sure about this. You'd better ask my family members, friends or acquaintances.

::Quiet unless excited or tensed::

- Most of the time, YUP!!

::Rather reserved::

- I think, it's true.

::Highly attentive::

- I doubt this one. LOL

::Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds::

- I just can easily catch colds, especially when the weather keeps changing, hot to cool, cool to hot, until my body really adapts to that environment.

::Romantic but has difficulties expressing love::

- I laugh when I read this. I have no difficulty at all, expressing my love for ChangMin. LOL. Again, I think this is quite right. I have crushes on guys, but I will never be the one to start on everything. It's not that I CAN'T, I actually WON'T do it. I just express this special feeling of LOVE to those, who for sure, will love me back -family, my girls, teachers etc.

::Loves children::

- I say, "Really?". Wait till I get married and have my own children. LOL

::Homely person::

- TRUE!! When I'm at home, I spend my time to the most, doing everything I can't at the hostel. But, once I'm away, I just can't stop hanging around.


- Simply 'YES'!! I AM LOYAL. I can be devoted to this one person when I love him/her.

::Needs to improve social abilities::

- Yeah, I really should! Anyone to teach this?? LOL

::Easily jealous::

- Well, normal people have this feeling, right??

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'll Be Missing the Most Memorable Semester 3 [2008/2009]

Hey, people!! It has been almost a month or so, since my last entry right?? I'm now in my second year of foundation studies, of Semester 1. But still, memories from the short semester of 08/09, kept lingering in my mind. I really, REALLY, had a great time, enjoying myself in that semester. I did have fun, so much that I still laughed the funny things I'd done with all my girls. I almost forgot that I'm not taken [haha] because around me, I always had those girls, swarming around me, almost all the time.

Ah, I just love you girls so much that I can never put that into words. Thanks for being there even when I acted so annoyingly. You girls just accepted me into the circle with such an unconditional love.

I appreciate everything that you guys do, have done or did for me. I'll never forget that.

I missed those days and nights, where we had fun, chatted about our dream guys, have supper at the very2 late at night, did some birthday bash[es] and more and more.

Thanks for the LOVE.
Thanks for the WARMTH.
Thanks for the sweetest MEMORIES
Thanks for the most amazing FRIENDSHIP.

I just wish this would never end. Our FRIENDSHIP....would last forever. I know it sounds so lame and cliche, but I still want to say it loud and proud, I LOVE YOU GIRLS.


In memories..Semester 3 2008/2009.


and everyone who makes every day of my life shines at the brightest.

p/s: the list is not according to priority. i just type them. no hard feelings. i know you love me.