Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sorry, sorry

i know, i know. i owe you guys my big, fat APOLOGY.
i promised to upload photos, but i didn't.
i promised to post an entry a day, but i didn't.
i promised to story-tell, but i didn't.


some updates for now. a week before i got home, i was so damn busy. yeah, really, it's true i tell ya. got to submit my btq assignment, finish the reports. and really, i had no mood, no time to blog. please, i was so tired by that time, even all the muse came non-stop into my head.


my finals are due next week. the date for bio lab is a day earlier than the date's being announced.

btq - 15th

bio lab - 16th

thanks to my atiqah cayang, i'm now obsessed in making cupcakes, and now, crazy browsing for recipes.

by the way, found lots [i really mean LOTS!!] of cfs-ians' logs. nice!

that's all.

dear eve, i'll try to blog in english ok?? my bad, the previous entry, was all in malay. i owe you an apology dear.


muet's reading was tough.
muet's writing had me rushing all over to finish the essay, the conclusion part a bit sucked, when it's all 5mins left to end.
muet's listening was just so-so.

and yesterday, my muet's speaking, was okay. thanks to it, i got to have a gang called 'nur afi'.
nice to know ya all..
afiah - zaty's english classmate
afiqah said - zaty's ex-schoolmate
afifah - an aed student who only has this sem to end [read: only a year of foundation compared to us]


toodles for now.

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nurain said...


its ok..yg penting ur exam kan


jia you!!!