Sunday, May 10, 2009

SHE's My Momma!!

yeah, yeah. cliche. today's mother's day, and i'm yet wishing my dearie MAMA. why?? because i don't want to train myself to appreciate her only on mother's day.

well, i've seen my friends buying cards and gifts for their moms. but, me NOT. why?? money matters?? nope, wrong answer. i prefer give something, that i work on my own, like what i did when i was in form 5.

i'll let you know later.

when i was about to post this entry, together with me and my MAMA's pics, i suddenly realised that i didn't have much pics with her. not that, i didn't take photos with her, but, some were coming from the old camera, and of course, it's not a digital one.

i remembered that we did have a photo of my MAMA, with me still in her tummy. how sweet was that. i believed, the photo was in somewhere, in one of the albums.

i'll scan and show to you later.

it's not that i forget that today is mothers' day.
it's not that i don't want to wish by today.

i just don't want my LOVE for you is limited.
i just don't want that my appreciation comes only on mothers' day.

i love you in every breath i take
i love you in every beat of my heart
i love you in every twinkiling of my eyes

with every word's being spoken..
i know my love for you..
would never defeat your love for me..
it's more than the stars on the sky..

i love you, MA!!!!
saranghae, omma!!!!

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