Monday, May 11, 2009

An Insomniac-to-be???!!!

you are getting yourself in the risk, too, if you also do what i do most of the time..

1) you don't sleep even when your body asks you so.. how??

my case : after a day of hanging out in the mall, my feet had ached so much, my body had defunctioned, i still didn't go to sleep, but instead, went to the tv area to watch 'the tuxedo' with the girls until 2.30 in the morning. i said, 'serve me right'. because i could only sleep at 4something, and had troubles to wake up in the morning.

2) your bed time is mostly around the same time, for every night, but you insist to play online or computer games or chatting or checking fb/fs

my case : i was too preoccupied and obsessed with these two computer games - chuzzle deluxe and plant tycoon. my sleeping time was always around 1, but, for the sake of the games, i ignored the time and continue to play until 2 or 3.

3) you can't sleep because you're thinking the things you've done before you sleep

my case : like in the above, playing various types of games, that they 'joined' my dreams and became nightmares. i woke up in shock, and had a very hard time to get my sleep back. or maybe it's also from the blogs [baking, desserts, cupcakes], i dreamt of me, baking cupcakes just like what i'd seen in the blogs. those things kept playing inside my mind, that it made my brain too confused and didn't allow me to go to sleep that easy.

you take stimulants [i.e. coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, chocolate drinks etc.] before going to sleep

my case : i used to have 2 cans of nescafe mocha, since i was staying up late at night. it didn't affect much, but it troubled my sleeps in the upcoming nights. same went for my friend, who made herself a mug of nescafe instant drink, which made her lethargic in few days later.

5) you sleep with your laptop is still ON and it is placed quite near to your bed

my case : i used to YM with someone from my old school until 3a.m. and as i finished, i tried to sleep. what troubled me was that the laptop's waves bothered me so much that i could only sleep an hour later. how did i know it's the wave?? again, your mind was all confused and puzzled.

6) there's an insect, playing [READ: flying] around your room

my case : a mosquito, REALLY, only ONE, escaped from being sprayed by zaty using ridsect aerosol. as a result, i slept with feeling itchy on my hands. the mosquito finally dead as i had a chance to beat it, by slapping it to the wall.

i also used to sleep with a cocroach, playing hide-and-seek around my bed. it's scary, i tell you. and had experienced with a spider [READ: big, monster-look spider], hanging around the wall.

7) you chat with your roommate like you have the world to share until it's about 4a.m. when you will actually have a class at eight in the morning!!

my case : it was in semester 2 that i noticed that we're always having our so-called girls' chat on various things. from family to school, daily lives bla, bla, bla. lucky that it was not that hard to wake up on the next morning.

8) you drink plain water before sleeping like there's no tomorrow.

my case : some nights are too warm that i felt thirsty most of the time. so, i drank mineral water of 1.5L until there's half more left. and toilet had been a regular destination for few times before sleeping. now, mirol, i understand why you stated that drink more in the morning, not at NIGHT!!

9) washing the face before sleeping

my case : there's no wrong with the above statement. i believe most hygiene-and-beauty-freaks would do this. it's good, really, if and only if you don't do this at 2 or 3 in the morning, like what i do most of the time. so, when my eyes felt so heavy that i could just sleep even in the stand position, but as soon as i washed my face, my eyes were back, so much refreshing and rejuvenating. thus, i continued to chat or blog or play games, until late. very late.

10) you're reading this at 3 or 4 inthe morning, because you feel bored and are not yet sleepy.

my case : it's called BLOGWALKING or BLOGHOPPING or BLOGRUNNING [haha, joking..].

some suggestions :

- keep your sleep at a regular time. if you need to sleep at 10, then, do sleep at 10.

- do not take stimulants before going to sleep.

- it's not encouraged to have tv in your room. it's believed that the electronical waves will bother you. this spells S-E-R-I-O-U-S!!

- oh, please do not take heavy meals before sleeping [i.e. nasi lemak]. a big NO-NO!!

- if you're really thirsty, only drink few slurps, not a 1.5L bottle.

- i'll let you know more when i figure 'em out later as my body is calling for a sleep.

GOOD NIGHT!!! [oops!! g.o.o.d m.o.r.n.i.n.g....!!]


joegrimjow said...

ku pon dew pnyakit ni!

f said...

dlu wt prsnttn sal pnyakit neyh..
pstuh, xsgka dh de efek kt dri sndrik plak..