Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things-to-do List


+ finish bio lab report on Experiment 8

16 April 2009 [UNDONE = bold]

+ laundry DONE!!

+ study for BTQ DONE!!

+ memorisation : sourah al-Furqan, verse 61-77

+ letter to the Principal, requesting to get home earlier DONE!!
[Yeay!!! I'm going home!!!!! can't wait!!!!]

+ take the fax letter from the mahallah office DONE!!

+ finish the award thingie DONE!!

+ go to KL International Book Fair at PWTC with the GANG this Saturday or Sunday DONE on Saturday[18 April 2009]!!

+ finish the lab report for Experiment 6DONE!! submit already [Friday, 17 April 2009]

+ study Experiment 7 for tomorrow [Friday, 17 April 2009] DONE!! submit yesterday [Monday, 20 April 2009]

+ read 'A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul' until the very last page and cry inside

+ make an April's birthdays entry [sorry that I missed the March one]

+ looking for people who can sub or translate MJTV Special Interview for me
[oh, josh, i wish you were here or wouldn't it be better if you own a blog?? haish..]

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