Friday, April 17, 2009

Study Mode

Salam 'alayk to all.

I am feeling to give a lengthy entry for today's, but since tomorrow will be my BTQ [Basic Themes in al-Quran] mid-sem examination, so, I, reluctantly, have to switch the study mode [READ: last minute preparation]. To be honest, I have a LOT to share, but, really, I'll need some time for myself to get ready for tomorrow.

From the biology lab experiment to water disruption in the hostel, I think I'll share with you tomorrow. If and only if, I don't drag myself to PWTC for Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair [KLIBF], for some relaxation mode. Nice.

To all my new friends from Cassiopeia-Family[CSSPF], if you happen to read this, I really, REALLY would like to keep in touch with all of you, no matter what you are, where you're from. You guys rock!!

Oh, I've taken [READ: stolen] so much time for this.

Till then.

1 comment:

nurain said...

whatever it is.dun get urself stress!

good luck dear