Thursday, April 9, 2009


adoiyay!! bilalah agaknya dapat pergi melancong ke korea ni?? asyik dengar cerita orang je dan aku hanya dengan angan2 aku. can't really wait to go backpacking to korea. i want to explore the beauty of its people, food, clothing and culture there. [ceh, malaysia pun tak habis explore lagi, ada hati mahu pergi tempat orang].

by the way, there's no classes at all today. so, we can conclude that my free days are thursday and weekends, of course. well, right now, currently listening to all the korean songs that i've downloaded. i have yet listened to all, to be frank. so, windows media player playlist, right now, is full of korean songs from various singers - epik high, shinhwa, snsd, ss501, dbsk[my all-time favourite], big bang, suju, wonder girls, ft island.

last evening, i watched dbsk performing 'wrong number' and 'mirotic' at daesun awards[if i were not mistaken]. i just love the brilliant way they tried to put in their performances. 'mirotic' this time, had been performed, with the rapping part, which should be in the middle of the song. sweet, i say. last time in mkmf awards 2008, they performed with the chorus first. quite addictive, with the awesome performance of wrong number, and followed by 'mirotic'. when the song reached the rapping part, i thought it was going to end. but, nope. not yet.

it continued with some steps of dance, with u-know and xiah performing breakdance. boy, was i wrong! those guys were great. then, max's high-pitched shout, chorus again and you know how they ended mirotic?? they did some kind of sexy-back thingie. i mean, they opened their shirts and showed their backs. sorry to say, but, it's a little bit too much for me. well, this is just my opinion.

well, i'm yet to become a cassiopeian [cassiopeia is dbsk's official fanclub, which claims that they have more than 800thousands of members and has been included into the guiness world book of records]. i'll be, but not now. more info, dbsk managed to put themselves in the world ook of records, for being photographed of more than 500million[if i were not mistaken], including both individual and group photography.

keep up the good work, oppas!!

i've listened to their 'kiss the baby sky' and 'survivor'. good job!! that's all i can say.

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