Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Day in PIKOM PC Fair 2009

music : replay - SHINee

last saturday, it was my first time, really to be in the PC Fair. being held in KL Convention Center, we had our moves from college at about 10am. as we reached klcc, we searched for places to have our breakfast+lunch, and only then, we walked to kl convention center hall. i saw a lot of stalls there, varied from computer stuffs to broadband. me, walking with munie, just couldn't get my eyes off the digital cameras that i'd been longing before - it's sony d77, which costed rm1299.

but, no, a big NO, i didn't get myself one of them. but [again but??], not to walk home empty-handed, i turned my so-called interest to olympus. so, yes, that time, i could wait no more to have a camera, so there went rm699 for olympus u1040, with 10megapixels, black in colour. [too bad, can't found the black one]. together with this camera, came some free gifts - lanyard, another lithium battery, 4gb memory card, flash light and two different mini tripods.
alhamdulillah, my wish was granted by HIM. i spent rm700, but it's not regretful for i knew that i'd use it to the fullest.

while hanging around the klcc, we gave the camera a test. here, some pics.

a bit blurry because of shaking of hands

zaty and munie
[launching the camera testing.LOL]

me and zaty
[outside the surau of klcc]

the three of us
[to zaty, please guess who snapped the pic]

and we got back to mahallah happily ever after, oops, NOPE, we got back with all the kinds of pains, especially at the foot. LOL

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