Thursday, April 16, 2009

An A.W.A.R.D...?? Nope, 2 Awards

My first award that I've ever received. Thanks a lot to my sweet[even she's not that SWEET, LOL] roommate, ZATY, for giving me this. It's cute, tho. I wonder why did you stick in front of your laptop for almost an hour without disturbing me. LOL.


Terms and conditions to accept this award:

~Make sure you are a FEMALE~

Yeap, I'm a 100% female

~List 7 reasons why do you feel lucky to be a girl~

*Because I can stay in ZC

and this room has become my favourite ever!!*

*I can hug and kiss

my opah and parents

without feeling embarrassed

compared to my brother*

*Because I can chat about guys for hours with my girlfriends??*

*Because I can wear female clothes*

*Because I can watch Hindi movies like Srii

and tell the world about that*

*Because I can celebrate Women's Day every year*

*Because Allah knows better..


I'm grateful for what I am now and always*

~Copy the badge as your award~

~Pass this award to your girlfriends~








[Okay, girls!!]

[Take this home]

[READ: Post on your blog]


again from ZATY.

Thanks, my dear roomie!!

||Insert this badge or the pic above to inform you have been awarded||

||Make sure you take the pic and said it is from who||

The award is from ~zaty~

||You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself||

~my name is nur afiqah bt mustafpa~

~people call me fikah~

~i love dbsk~

[especially max changmin oppa]

~i am 19++~

~i love reading~

~i enjoy all kinds of music,

except hard rock~

~i am a family-oriented girl~

~i have a noisy roomie~

~i love those who love me~

~and of course,

i heart the one and only


||You should choose 5 other bloggers

(easier the ones who follow you),

mention their names in your blog||




aka gadismental



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