Friday, April 24, 2009

Hari Bersejarah

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.


Esok, tanggal 25 April 2009, maka Cik Nur Afiqah bt Mustafpa akan mendapat gelaran Puan.

Oops, silap. Gurauan semata-mata. Jangan ambil serius.

Begini sebenarnya, maka, esok, hari Sabtu, saya, dengan rasminya akan menduduki Malaysian University English Test [MUET], tepat pada jam 7.30pagi, di LY 002.

Berikut disertakan jadual peperiksaan tersebut :

800/3 : Reading : 8.00 - 9.30 pagi

800/4 : Writing : 10.00 - 11.30 pagi

800/1 : Listening : 12.00 - 12.30 tengah hari

Dan, pada tarikh bersejarah, 05 Mei 2009, Selasa, saya, akan berdepan dengan para juri [sebenarnya, seorang sahaja], untuk persembahan individu. Maksud saya, perlu membebel/bercakap/menjerit/melalak untuk dapat markah bagi percakapan.

800/2 : Speaking : 11.00 pagi, Sesi 2.

Tidak dilupakan juga, saya perlu jua berdiskusi/berbincang di dalam satu kumpulan. Juga untuk mendapat markah, untuk melayakkan diri untuk tergolong dalam kumpulan Band 3, sekurang-kurangnya untuk jurusan saya.

Doakan saya.

Oh, harap anda tidak kisah dengan saya menulis dalam bahasa ibunda, walaupun untuk entri MUET.

p/s: saya akan meletakkan pos akan datang tentang:

- keadaan di dalam makmal Biologi B, bersama Geng 9 [G9] semasa Jumaat lepas, 17 April 2009, semasa eksperimen saliva.

- ekspedisi yang memenatkan saya dan zaty ke PWTC, menyertai ribuan yang lain dalam Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur 2009, pada hari berikutnya, Sabtu, 18 April 2009

Selamat tinggal!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things-to-do List


+ finish bio lab report on Experiment 8

16 April 2009 [UNDONE = bold]

+ laundry DONE!!

+ study for BTQ DONE!!

+ memorisation : sourah al-Furqan, verse 61-77

+ letter to the Principal, requesting to get home earlier DONE!!
[Yeay!!! I'm going home!!!!! can't wait!!!!]

+ take the fax letter from the mahallah office DONE!!

+ finish the award thingie DONE!!

+ go to KL International Book Fair at PWTC with the GANG this Saturday or Sunday DONE on Saturday[18 April 2009]!!

+ finish the lab report for Experiment 6DONE!! submit already [Friday, 17 April 2009]

+ study Experiment 7 for tomorrow [Friday, 17 April 2009] DONE!! submit yesterday [Monday, 20 April 2009]

+ read 'A 2nd Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul' until the very last page and cry inside

+ make an April's birthdays entry [sorry that I missed the March one]

+ looking for people who can sub or translate MJTV Special Interview for me
[oh, josh, i wish you were here or wouldn't it be better if you own a blog?? haish..]

Friday, April 17, 2009

Study Mode

Salam 'alayk to all.

I am feeling to give a lengthy entry for today's, but since tomorrow will be my BTQ [Basic Themes in al-Quran] mid-sem examination, so, I, reluctantly, have to switch the study mode [READ: last minute preparation]. To be honest, I have a LOT to share, but, really, I'll need some time for myself to get ready for tomorrow.

From the biology lab experiment to water disruption in the hostel, I think I'll share with you tomorrow. If and only if, I don't drag myself to PWTC for Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair [KLIBF], for some relaxation mode. Nice.

To all my new friends from Cassiopeia-Family[CSSPF], if you happen to read this, I really, REALLY would like to keep in touch with all of you, no matter what you are, where you're from. You guys rock!!

Oh, I've taken [READ: stolen] so much time for this.

Till then.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

An A.W.A.R.D...?? Nope, 2 Awards

My first award that I've ever received. Thanks a lot to my sweet[even she's not that SWEET, LOL] roommate, ZATY, for giving me this. It's cute, tho. I wonder why did you stick in front of your laptop for almost an hour without disturbing me. LOL.


Terms and conditions to accept this award:

~Make sure you are a FEMALE~

Yeap, I'm a 100% female

~List 7 reasons why do you feel lucky to be a girl~

*Because I can stay in ZC

and this room has become my favourite ever!!*

*I can hug and kiss

my opah and parents

without feeling embarrassed

compared to my brother*

*Because I can chat about guys for hours with my girlfriends??*

*Because I can wear female clothes*

*Because I can watch Hindi movies like Srii

and tell the world about that*

*Because I can celebrate Women's Day every year*

*Because Allah knows better..


I'm grateful for what I am now and always*

~Copy the badge as your award~

~Pass this award to your girlfriends~








[Okay, girls!!]

[Take this home]

[READ: Post on your blog]


again from ZATY.

Thanks, my dear roomie!!

||Insert this badge or the pic above to inform you have been awarded||

||Make sure you take the pic and said it is from who||

The award is from ~zaty~

||You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself||

~my name is nur afiqah bt mustafpa~

~people call me fikah~

~i love dbsk~

[especially max changmin oppa]

~i am 19++~

~i love reading~

~i enjoy all kinds of music,

except hard rock~

~i am a family-oriented girl~

~i have a noisy roomie~

~i love those who love me~

~and of course,

i heart the one and only


||You should choose 5 other bloggers

(easier the ones who follow you),

mention their names in your blog||




aka gadismental



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vote for TVXQ at [V] Channel Website

ATTENTION to all fans of





I'm, too, a big fan of these great five oppas. And I know, how eager you are to vote for them in the [V] Channel Asia vs Asia. I saw a lot of us, promoting the link to the Cassiopeians [but, in this case, it doesn't matter you're a Cassiopeian or not, because all we want is for TVXQ to win as long as you're a fan, that's more than enough], then, rushed to that site.

Unfortunately, as I tried to access to [V] Channel site, this was what i got. If you don't believe me, click v to have a look for yourself.

click to enlarge

Please be patient, dear TVXQ fans. I know how frustrated we are, as all we want is for them to win. I believe that the site will be available in a short time. Anyhow, keep our support to our beloved oppas. If i were not mistaken, they were left by 402 votes, far from Super Junior [SuJu]

TVXQ-4354 vs SuJu-4756

If you still want to try your luck, these are the links.

To register : REGISTER

To vote : VOTE

To view the current votes : Asia vs Asia

Aja-aja hwaiting!!!








p/s: i am just a fan..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My so-called Stress-buster!! [you are advised to follow something better]

i'm currently...


i do something i'm best at..


''the best nasi lemak

you can get


the one and only

zc cafeteria!!''

Monday, April 13, 2009

Makan Best, Jimat Wang

muzik: fighter - ss501

salam untuk semua.

tiap2 malam, untuk makan malam, saya dan teman sebilik kesayangan, zaty, selalu berkongsi makanan supaya kami boleh menikmati satu makan malam yang penuh menyelerakan. kenapa anda juga patut cuba??

~ anda boleh makan dua atau lebih jenis lauk-pauk bersama nasi putih atau nasi goreng.

~anda boleh jimat wang anda~

~makan bersama teman2 menyeronokkan sambil anda berbual-bual tentang isu2 semasa~

~kata orang putih, "sharing is caring and loving". masa tersebut amat sesuai untuk anda mengaplikasikan kata2 tersebut~

~boleh menjadi contoh kepada orang yang lalu-lalang supaya mengamalkan perkara yang sama~

~lakukan perkara ini di kafeteria lebih baik, kerana ada meja dan kerusi, berbanding di dalam bilik, yang memerlukan anda tertunduk ketika menyuap makanan~

~tidak ada perasaan segan ketika mahu mengambil lauk-pauk yang ada kerana anda semua sedang berkongsi~

~cara terbaik untuk merapatkan hubungan silaturrahim yang memang sudah rapat~

susunan di atas tidaklah mengikut keutamaan atau kepentingan. ini hanyalah satu pandangan dan cadangan, yang saya agak pasti bahawa ramai antara kita, pelajar, sedang mengamalkannya. terpulanglah kepada setiap individu atau kumpulan untuk menjadikan perkara ini lebih menarik.

telur bistik = RM2.80

tomyam = RM2.80

nasi putih = RM0.70 satu pinggan
teh ais = RM1.20
air laici = RM1.00

jumlahnya RM9.20.
[harga tertakluk kepada tempat masing2]

p/s: kepada cik SRII, kalau kau sertai [join] kami, kami ingin sangat kalau kau pilih kangkung goreng belacan. hehe. zaty yang cadangkan.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Day in PIKOM PC Fair 2009

music : replay - SHINee

last saturday, it was my first time, really to be in the PC Fair. being held in KL Convention Center, we had our moves from college at about 10am. as we reached klcc, we searched for places to have our breakfast+lunch, and only then, we walked to kl convention center hall. i saw a lot of stalls there, varied from computer stuffs to broadband. me, walking with munie, just couldn't get my eyes off the digital cameras that i'd been longing before - it's sony d77, which costed rm1299.

but, no, a big NO, i didn't get myself one of them. but [again but??], not to walk home empty-handed, i turned my so-called interest to olympus. so, yes, that time, i could wait no more to have a camera, so there went rm699 for olympus u1040, with 10megapixels, black in colour. [too bad, can't found the black one]. together with this camera, came some free gifts - lanyard, another lithium battery, 4gb memory card, flash light and two different mini tripods.
alhamdulillah, my wish was granted by HIM. i spent rm700, but it's not regretful for i knew that i'd use it to the fullest.

while hanging around the klcc, we gave the camera a test. here, some pics.

a bit blurry because of shaking of hands

zaty and munie
[launching the camera testing.LOL]

me and zaty
[outside the surau of klcc]

the three of us
[to zaty, please guess who snapped the pic]

and we got back to mahallah happily ever after, oops, NOPE, we got back with all the kinds of pains, especially at the foot. LOL

Thursday, April 9, 2009


adoiyay!! bilalah agaknya dapat pergi melancong ke korea ni?? asyik dengar cerita orang je dan aku hanya dengan angan2 aku. can't really wait to go backpacking to korea. i want to explore the beauty of its people, food, clothing and culture there. [ceh, malaysia pun tak habis explore lagi, ada hati mahu pergi tempat orang].

by the way, there's no classes at all today. so, we can conclude that my free days are thursday and weekends, of course. well, right now, currently listening to all the korean songs that i've downloaded. i have yet listened to all, to be frank. so, windows media player playlist, right now, is full of korean songs from various singers - epik high, shinhwa, snsd, ss501, dbsk[my all-time favourite], big bang, suju, wonder girls, ft island.

last evening, i watched dbsk performing 'wrong number' and 'mirotic' at daesun awards[if i were not mistaken]. i just love the brilliant way they tried to put in their performances. 'mirotic' this time, had been performed, with the rapping part, which should be in the middle of the song. sweet, i say. last time in mkmf awards 2008, they performed with the chorus first. quite addictive, with the awesome performance of wrong number, and followed by 'mirotic'. when the song reached the rapping part, i thought it was going to end. but, nope. not yet.

it continued with some steps of dance, with u-know and xiah performing breakdance. boy, was i wrong! those guys were great. then, max's high-pitched shout, chorus again and you know how they ended mirotic?? they did some kind of sexy-back thingie. i mean, they opened their shirts and showed their backs. sorry to say, but, it's a little bit too much for me. well, this is just my opinion.

well, i'm yet to become a cassiopeian [cassiopeia is dbsk's official fanclub, which claims that they have more than 800thousands of members and has been included into the guiness world book of records]. i'll be, but not now. more info, dbsk managed to put themselves in the world ook of records, for being photographed of more than 500million[if i were not mistaken], including both individual and group photography.

keep up the good work, oppas!!

i've listened to their 'kiss the baby sky' and 'survivor'. good job!! that's all i can say.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


maaf ya. aku post blog secara bundle pada hari ini kerana mahu tebus hari2 yang aku tinggalkan. aku sekarang tengah gila main kuiz gila2 di muka buku. ada sesetengah keputusan kuiz itu, benar2 kena dengan kehidupan yang tengah aku hadapi sekarang. nanti aku taipkan separuh, tetapi bukan sekarang. aku perlu rehat kerana semalam, telah tidur lewat dan nyaris2 insomnia. lagi pula, otak aku perlu sihat sepenuhnya sebelum aku dapat menulis laporan makmal biologi sebaik mungkin. yang pasti, sekarang, bukanlah masa yang sesuai untuk aku paksakan otak aku yang sememangnya lemah ini, untuk merangka ayat, satu demi satu dengan lancar untuk laporan itu. okey. aku sudah mula melalut.

sehingga bertemu lagi.

jiwa luka parah

aku dapat merasakan betapa parahnya luka di hatiku ini. bukan niatku untuk mengecewakan mereka, apatah lagi untuk melukakan. tetapi, perkara itu berlaku secara tiba2 dan tanpa disengajakan.

lebih kurang pukul 2 pagi tadi, satu kejadian memilukan telah berlaku, apabila tanpa aku sengajakan, telefon bimbit sony ericsson k320i aku telah terhempas ke lantai. adus!! parah2. hari itu, baru sahaja aku membatalkan niat untuk membeli telefon yang baru, kerana kegawatan, nampak gayanya, perlu mengeluarkan ongkos jua, di samping diberi sokongan oleh mama dan abahku.

hehe. abah, rasa macam mahu handphone baru boleh?? tak perlu yang memuatkan mp3, cukup sahaja, jika ada aplikasi kamera, kerana along begitu terdesak mahu ambil gambar.

sebenarnya, aku belum consult atau negotiate lagi sama abah aku. nantilah. akan aku aturkan kata2 sebaiknya. hehe.


kasihan sama tubuh badanku ini. kenapa??

1. jari jemari semakin kaku di papan taip.
2. otot2 kaki terasa lenguh.
3. pandangan mata semakin kabur dan mataku mula bertukar menjadi seperti si panda.
4. kepala sakit, terasa seperti selepas headbanging.

ada lagi, tetapi aku sudah kehilangan kata2 untuk menggambarkan betapa sengsaranya tubuh badanku ini semenjak 3,4 hari yang lepas.

jadual kelas tak penuh, tetapi, terlebih masa lapang pun bisa membuatkan kamu kepenatan dan keletihan yang amat.

Friday, April 3, 2009


seriously, i have lots of problem regarding my social networks.

yahoo messenger.
weird. why? because i can simply sign in using other computers that connect with wi-fi. but not with my broadband. i say this because my roommate who also uses broadband - blue cube, has problems with ym. so, i'm all lost.

weird2. my layout just lost and no more the 'freedom' thingie on my fs.


i installed it, but still, not many use this. but, it's great that i can easily make pc-to-pc call as well as the video calls compared to ym, which requires more procedures.

you can send messages, chat, all at the same time as you add new friends.

urgh, i need to rest. my head just aches since i think too much lately. lol.