Saturday, March 14, 2009


last night, i went to kb mall with my fams, well, hanging around. then, i headed to popular, searching for a chemistry book, which lastly, i didn't find the one that i wanted. so, we went down to the first floor, only to find that there was a kind of machine, which measured your weight and height, and printed out your bmi. i tried, after inserting 2 coins of 20cents, taadaa...the result was..

weight : 50.7kg
height : 167.0cm

your bmi is : 18.2
normal bmi range : 19-25

your ideal weight : 53.0-69.7kg weight still didn't reach the ideal one even i ate all kinds of food that ever existed at home. well, that day, i didn't eat much actually. maybe that's why. hah..oh my weight...can you please increase a little bit more so that i have an ideal BMI??!!

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