Wednesday, March 18, 2009

aku gila drama korea

right now, i'm waiting the 6 parts of kkotboda namja to be fully loaded, so that i can catch up with current episode of the drama. well, here in malaysia, we only have kbs world, which aired episode 10 last night, while back in korea, kbs 2tv, aired episode 21. i had already watched the previous episodes after the tenth one, so there's less one annoyance to the tv during prime time. my mom even asked me to watch the drama with her, but i proudly said that i'd watched them already. so, i guess, i don't have to fight anymore with others who really want to watch af diaries. LOL.

lucky me, because there is this one particular person, who upload those videos only 6-8hours later than the ones that being broadcated in korea. so, i guess, it's not only me, but the other people throughout the world, can watch them happily. *smile*

once i get back to my college, i'll continue to watch those episode through youtube. ah, that's one of the advantages of the internet.

okay, doodles!!

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